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Walther PP Super 9x18/.380 & Beretta .22lr mags

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Disclaimer: Website and email have an algorithmical reliability index of 60%. It means that more data is necessitated. Even though I cannot personally vouch for them, if someone wants to take the risk it could be economically rewarding. Server in Germany, IP in Poland.



The Walther mags are classified as "Best Seller". That usually means that there are multiple units for sale or could be available. Even though expensive by European standards, those sell for $150.00-$250.00 in the US. As almost always, everything is negotiable, especially in circumstances where a commercial bulk purchase is made. Establish rapport. Confirm trustworthiness. Negotiate.  Buyer beware. US import laws almost always apply. Know the laws and regulations. If you don't, ask a commercial importer. If you deal in firearms accessory commerce, you already know.

OEM Beretta 70 .22 lr mags are as scarce as hen's teeth in the US. And priced accordingly.

Be aware that upon arriving from Europe in New York, Customs will take approximately two (2) weeks to release them. My experience as a private (not business) buyer from Europe is that three (3) mags raises no eyebrows at Customs in New York. But that's me, your experience might differ.

Feel free to ask me any questions that I could answer. All questions to me are valid except those that I cannot answer due to lack of experience and/or knowledge.

EDIT: Btw, the Walther PP Super 9x18 and the Walther PP Super .380 use the same mag. Like the Makarov.

As an aside, NO, you cannot chamber (and even less, fire) a Makarov 9x18 cartridge in a 9x18 Ultra/Police firearm. Unless you use a sledgehammer to knock it in and by doing that all bets are off.

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