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I am looking for a day/night security camera system that is not an IP hog, so I don't exceed my IP data limit.  Suggestions?  I am looking for something that will have an IQ setting so it doesn't alert me to a bird, my GSD, or a squirrel with constant notifications.  I am also looking to capture as much data as possible.  Fences are coming up this coming week.  In this County it takes 6 weeks for a property to go from pending to sold.  The new prospective owners next to our property are nefarious to begin with, and think my property is something to go speeding trough and use my drive as their personal drive, and despite pending, think everything in the world is theirs. That will be solved next week by a series of boulders, as do not trespass signs are being ignore.  It is kind of hard to ignore very large decorative boulders.  I wanted a military cement barricade, but the wife vetoed that for boulders.

So, I am looking to keep:

Joy Turner Quotes. QuotesGram

Off my property.  So, the fences, and boulders are going up.  The security camera would help me make the above a reality.


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