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So how is he going to get it done?


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I have little doubt that the POTUS is going to completely lose this war. Have heard some interesting theory on how to eat this elephant. One bite at the time. Areas of the southern border that are outside of the jurisdiction of the 9th Circuit (Texas, 5th Circuit) where we do not have strong border barrier (about 1000 miles) need to have funds directed to that area. If my info is right, about 100 miles of the 9th Circuit border are in play, no money directed for there. Of course plenty of the border does not need barrier due to natural sheer cliffs, river, whatever.

A second thought is do it both ways...declare emergency, AND shut down the .GOV again and hold Chancys feet to the fire again to get it fixed. They are not letting them slink away from this mess unscathed.

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Despite previously claiming in a 2016 memo to reporters that Mexico would “make a one-time payment of $5-10 billion,” the president told reporters outside of the White House that the idea he ever said Mexico would pay directly for the wall is “fake news.”


He also never said that the wall wouldn’t be made with Lego’s

so, it’s obvious to anyone paying attention that it will be made with volunteer LEGO builders. Just like he said


promise kept (kind of)




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