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Scud Israel is AYT, for now


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Vows to fight to the finish in the courts and legislature.

My county had a clown butt County Sheriff, twice for crikes sake. The first go round he bought a school bus with county funds on a no bid deal (illegal) from who knows who/how and got voted out of Office. Also along the way of the first round, he decided that all the fleet cars needed his name on the door. He was the only Sheriff in the Commonwealth with his name on the door.

Somehow was voted in a second time, only to be arrested and tried for pointing a pistol at 2 of his Deputies and threatening them. In his previous LEO career, he worked in the most corrupt town that I know of, and has bragged about "breaking heads" as a form of law enforcement.

Recently in the town where he served as a LEO, there was a murder/assassination of a female cyber school teacher. The investigation has ensnared the PD and 3 Chiefs. Ensnared meaning they interfered with the investigation and destroyed evidence. The State Police have come in and took over the investigation. To my knowledge no one has been arrested yet for the murder. The teacher was a 30 some y/o female teacher that liked to keep company with 17-19 y/o male students or former students and had been caught in a car with one late at night. She was out for ice cream one evening and returned home, was dropped off by female friend,  a relation(17 y/o female) to a PD Sargent, and someone did a mag dump on her in the driveway after being dropped off and before she entered the house. PD went to investigate and there was a big commotion at the crime scene between the investigating Officers. It a hot mess. Anyway, the local news crew decided it would be smart to interview the deposed former Sheriff. He sounded like the town drunk when they asked him what was going on as apparently he still has his supporters in his corrupt town, so the local tv crew thought he might have a scoop.....he stated (paraphrased) "well SOMEONE was runnin' their mouth who doesn't know what the hell is going on"....now how they thought getting that statement out of that fool was newsworthy and put that on the air, wtf?

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