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The new G19 Gen 5 MOS is here.


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Picked it up today but it was too dark to go to the range by the time I finished the 100-mile round trip.

So far I like it.  Out of the box, the rear sight was waaay off.  Trigger isn't bad and measures around 5.5lbs.  Would go lighter if this was primarly a match gun, but it feels good.  Did a $.25 polish job on it and added the medium grip with the beavertail.  My old Gen 4 G19 Storm Lake barrel fits, and I might shoot both to compare accuracy, but the SL barrel was less accurate in my old G19, so I doubt it will be any better in this gun.  But who knows.

Added a Hogue finger-groove slip on grip and hated it; way too big, but I liked the finger grooves...   :crylikeender:

Got the sight centered and ready to hit the range tomorrow with 6 different reload recipes and 3 factory loads.






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ook it to the range today for a quick session; only had a couple of hours before I had to get ready for work.

First of all, the "combat accuracy" of this pistol is awesome! It is extremely natural pointing and my short work and fast shooting was extremely good, Couldn't ask for a better feeling pistol.
First ten rounds at 7yds was just over an inch. The sights were dead on (after I adjusted them).


Then I backed up to 25yds and started shooting for groups.

I frankly think it's all me and not the pistol. Over the past year or so, the group sizes of my pistols have been increasing as my eyes age. I went to progressive lenses and the sights are always blurry. Today, I had to wait until the afternoon to shoot and the light had burned out in the shooting bench room. I shoot inside a large shop out onto the range. So the sights were not only blurry, but they were dark. I was having trouble getting a consistent sight picture with the afternoon sun lighting up the targets.

Consequently, groups were very poor. 

My goal was a 2" group consistently at 25yds. Not even close. Most were 3.5" to 4.5". I've taken photos of every target, but my phone is taking it's sweet time uploading the photos. I haven't really even had time to review the results.

But I was able to realize that my reloads often did worse than factory cheapo ammo, which is concerning. I haven't loaded for 9mm much, so I think I have to work on that.

The most impressive performance out of the pistol today was a rapid fire mag dump at 7yds. 15 rounds in 5 seconds from concealed draw and the group was unbelievably tight. This pistol is like an extension of my arm...


Best group I could muster was a 2 1/4" 5-shot at 25yds using 115gr Hornady FMJs with 5.5gr of Ramshot Silhouette.


Overall, the pistol performed perfectly and as a CCW combat pistol, it is simply awesome. Will play around with some more loads, shoot in better conditions, and see if I can't get some consistent groups around the 2" or less mark.
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At 7 yards you are just point shooting.  That is nearly bent elbow shooting territory.  Now, the grouping at 25 that is good.  Try a 147gr load and see what you do.  That is the only load I carry, or have carried in the past.  115 I would worry a little about tumble with an aftermarket barrel like SL.  That may have been the issue.  In aftermarket barrels I find that lighter loads tend to do that. 

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On 12/6/2018 at 8:27 AM, Moshe said:

Try a 147gr load and see what you do.

I tried two...




On 12/6/2018 at 8:27 AM, Moshe said:

115 I would worry a little about tumble with an aftermarket barrel like SL.  That may have been the issue.

I haven't tried it with the SL barrel.  That barrel gave me horrible accuracy in my Gen 4 G19.  I have never heard of bullet tumble issues with 115gr 9mm no matter the barrel.  There have been some issues with tumble and 147gr bullets, however.

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I am stranded here due to the storm this Shabbat.  It is interesting the results of the 147 gold dot.  That is all they would issue us, or Ranger 147.  It got the job done accurately.  I have not noticed any problems with my Gen 4, though I used that round in Gen 3, for years and years.  But, by Gen 4, is decked out with a competition trigger, red dot, compensator, and all the above.  The 147 has been dead on.

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Well, to be fair, I wasn't paying attention when I reassembled it and didn't have the trigger bar inserted properly.  Amazingly, it ran fine at the range, but the screwed up trigger may have contributed to the larger and inconsistent groups.

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Congrats on your 45. I picked one up but had been too busy at work to shoot it. I finally had enough time to take a long lunch to break it in. Damn, it's a shooter. Best 25 yard group I've ever shot. It possibly may be my most accurate glock. And it's 100% stock with the original plastic dovetail protector installed. I'm thinking I might just leave it that way.  I'll post a few pics when I can. 

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