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Latest reloads in 9mm.


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Hopefully picking up my new G19 Gen 5 MOS on Tuesday so I've been busy working up a bunch of different loads for it.  Did the target loads earlier and yesterday got in the Hornady XTP 147gr JHPs that I had to order online.  Loaded up those with 5.0gr of Ramshot Silhouette and 3.5gr of Titegroup.  Also loaded up some RMR JHPs in 124gr.  Can't wait to take it to the range and see how it does.

Was pretty surprised at just how much bigger the 147gr bullets are in comparison to the 124s...




The XTPs have always been a top performer for me accuracy wise in .40 S&W and 10mm.  Plus, they are available at the local WalMart for $20 in 155gr and 180gr.  But oddly enough, Wally World only stocks the XTP 9mm bullet in 115gr.  I have to go online for anything bigger.

My monthly GSSF match is with the President of RMR bullets, so I'm really hoping the G19 likes the 124gr JHPs he sells since they are cheap, ship for free, and the range where we have our matches has a shelf full of them for $17 per 100.  Buying them at 500 at a time gets the cost down to $.12 per bullet.

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