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Why did Glock go to the 2-pin configuration?


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Lots of debate about whether or not Glock will be introducing .40 S&W in the Gen 5 configuration, mostly because the 2-pin system is not strong enough, which is why Glock switched to the 3-pin set up in all their pistols.

Why on earth did they go back to the 2-pin system for the Gen 5??

It makes no sense to me.  I've heard that the locking block on the Gen 5 has a space for a third pin, so they may be offering them in my preferred caliber in the future.

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The locking blocking Gen 5 guns does have a provision for the third pin. It’s the same locking block used in Gen 4 and some Gen 3’s. I would think it would a simple task to produce three pin Gen 5 guns. Glock did make a contract run of two pin Gen 5’s in .40 S&W.

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