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New S&W M&P40c not very accurate...


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So far, at least with the 2 loads ran through it today.

Worked up a load using 165gr Speer Gold Dots and 7.0gr of Ramshot Silhouette powder.  Not full power, but warm enough.

4" at 25yds was the best it could do...


Decided to try my current carry ammo, Hornady Critical Defense with 165gr loads.  Truly awful 9" group...



At 7 and 10 yards, offhand, I can shoot 1" groups with it, but at 25yds, it goes to hell.

Will try some loads with 180gr and 155gr bullets to see if the gun is just very finicky, or if S&W has once again sold me a paperweight.


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Apparently it wasn't just me. After a few times out with mine I figured out that as long as I had my P2000sk the M&P40c wouldn't see much use so I got rid of it. Now I have two P2000sks in 40 and a G27. One that I might have liked had I tried it is the XD40sc. 

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1 hour ago, Dric902 said:

I’ve never found 40 to be vary acurate.

Beretta PX4 is the best I’ve had in it.

I'm the opposite.  I've never found 9mm to be accurate while my most impressive groups were with .40 S&W and 10mm.

Of course, in the world of striker-fired polymer framed guns, I consider anything under 2" at 25yds "good groups".  With single and double action pistols, 1" is where the bar gets lowered to.

My G29 with a .40 S&W conversion barrel is capable of 1" at 25yds.

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