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Tolerant Left Strikes Again, Reveals What "Anti-Fascism" Looks Like


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Once again, the supposedly tolerant left, you know, those warriors against Fascism, strikes again.  This time those Fascists Anti-Fascists are targeting a bookstore for the awful crime of encouraging discourse and dialogue.  The horror.  The shame.

Leftists Target Bookstore Owner who Called Cops on Anti-Trump Agitator

I wonder when those acting like Fascists, will show their true colors.  What do  you do when you don't like books?  What do you do to a bookstore selling books you don't like?  I think the Germans showed Fascist thugs how it's done.  Feel free to wear any color shirts, as long as they're black or brown.

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2 hours ago, Roger1079 said:

So now it is wrong for a business owner to ask a customer who is harassing another customer to leave? I am now absolutely convinced the Liberals have absolutely zero clue what the definition of Fascism is.


They read and follow Saul Alinsky.  Alinsky advocated using Fascist tactics to advance what the Fa-Left believes is righteous.  Use any and all means to achieve your ends.

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