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I believe this would be justifiable homicide


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I was under the impression that the pumps were designed to break free and not spew gas when the hose is pulled off by a careless driver.  I guess I was wrong.  Maybe a relatively small amount of spilled gas caused the fire.  RIP badass cars.

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23 minutes ago, blueiron said:

File the insurance claim and move on. They get brand new cars..

Doubt the Van owners insurance will cover it, that's alot in damages between the car and gas station. most likely the Lambo's insurance will have to cover a fair amount of his own car. A lot of people are way under-insured even with full coverage.

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Owner of the exotic auto files claim with their personal insurance.

Insurance company examines auto, video tape, reports, statements, and other evidentiary items. They then act to satisfy the claim for their insured, after the insured pays the deductible for repair or replacement. 

The insurer acts in subrogation to be paid for the money they are out for the repair or replacement of the loss. They will file against the insurers of the van and the Mobil station, contingent upon agreed upon liabilities. If the parties do not concur, tort actions begin.  

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