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AZ, MI, MT, ND, SC, TX Updates & Supreme Court

Gary Slider

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Arizona – The Governor a has signed HB 2570 which strengthens the Rights of Gun businesses doing a declared emergency.    Bill will become effective on or about Ausust 28, 2021.  https://www.azleg.gov/legtext/55leg/1R/laws/0367.pdf

Michigan - The Michigan Capitol Commission has stated they closed a LOOPHOLE in their banning of Open Carry in the capitol building. Seems those with a permit could still open carry. Now they are saying No visible firearms.  You can read the story at https://www.lansingstatejournal.com/story/news/2021/05/17/michigan-capitol-open-carry-ban-loophole/5129756001/

Montana – The Governor has signed SB 504 that takes effect immediately. It strengthens the RKBA doing an emergency.                https://leg.mt.gov/bills/2021/billpdf/HB0504.pdf

North Dakota  -  I mentioned this in a previous post but have confirmed that North Dakota bill which becomes effective August 1, 2021 changes North Dakota Reciprocity. They will only honor  Resident Permits from the states they honor.        https://www.legis.nd.gov/assembly/67-2021/documents/21-0774-04000.pdf

South Carolina -  The Governor has  signed H 3094  The law becomes effective August 15, 2021.  Sled has put some info on their website.  https://www.sled.sc.gov/forms/regulatory/SLED%20Open%20Carry%20with%20Training.pdf       The Bill   https://www.scstatehouse.gov/sess124_2021-2022/prever/3094_20210507.htm

Texas – The Conference Committee Report on House Bill 1927 is complete. The House has agreed to the Committee Report and now the Senate  has to agree. They should agree and it looks like Texas will be Permitless Carry come September 1, 2021 BUT anything can happen between now and the Governor actually signing it.   https://lrl.texas.gov/scanned/87ccrs/hb1927.pdf#navpanes=0

U.S Supreme Court – The Supreme Court Unanimously Rejected Warrantless Gun Seizures. The Court considered whether police acted lawfully by entering a man’s home and removing his firearms without a warrant after he had expressed thoughts of suicide and was taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.


Handgunlaw.us -  With the Dems in control of the Fed Government the Red States have stepped right up. There are more good changes in the firearm laws happening this year than any year I can remember  and that goes back to 1995. COVID has made a lot of states update their Emergency Declarations statutes for the better when it comes to the RKBA. Just about half the counties in the USA are 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries and states are passing legislation stating no state officials will assists the Feds with enforcing Unconstitutional Firearm Laws in their state. There are 20 Permitless Carry states with 4 being added so far this year with Texas being #5 shortly and Louisiana is even in the running to be a Permitless Carry State. If  TX and LA come through that will be a total of 22 Permitless Carry States.  Also the Dems are showing their true colors and firearm sales are through the roof. 21million firearms sold in 2020 and 2021 is outpacing 2020 according to NSSF.  There are millions of new gun owners! Now if I could just find some Ammo!!!!!!!

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The Texas Senate has approved the Conference Committee Report  on House Bill 1927 and it will be sent to the Governor. The Governor has stated he will sign it. So Sept. 1 Texas will be the 21st state to have Permitless Carry.  There is a process and it will most likely be some days before the bill is officially delivered to the Governor. 

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