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Good video source for real-life shootings and outcomes


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Body worn cameras on LEOs are a huge opportunity for civilian gun owners to see and learn how real life confrontations develop, how they may escalate, and the impact these situations may have on both ends.

There is so much to learn from these videos when it comes to:

- erratic behavior from attackers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or being mentally unstable

- keeping safe distances to an attacker with a knife for example

- keeping in mind the backstop and bystanders at all times

- when to walk away, when to wait for police to arrive, and when to stand your ground

- how many rounds it may take to stop a threat

- learning that an attacker on PCP may still go after you, even after being hit many times

- how to deal with a crowd that may side with the attacker

- how too grow a set of eyes on the back of your head

- how to deal with bystanders interfering

- how to keep your ego at home when carrying



This YouTube channel uploads many if not most police shootings. It's also a good source to share for those that don't understand that there is no alternative to lethal force in the vast majority of actual police shootings. A bunch of videos show the high risk officers take when they fall back to less lethal force or when they hesitate, often due to the public pressure done by the misconception that is being spread regularly in the "news".

Needless to say, most of us are not the police and we are not sworn in to apprehend suspects or criminals. Only situational awareness and tactics should be learned from these videos.



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