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(Files Updated) Brandishing - Stand Your Ground – Castle Doctrine Laws

Gary Slider

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Handgunlaw.us has always gotten a lot of questions about the Brandishing, Stand Your Ground, Castle Doctrine etc. With the virus, heat wave and other things that have slowed us down we have had time to put together a couple documents that puts info on these issue for all the states in one place. We started out with the idea of placing the information about Brandishing on each states page in the Misc Information section. That is the reason for the layout of that doc and it makes it easy to copy and paste it into each states page. It has morphed into the collection of the Stand Your Ground etc as we were looking at all the states statutes.


We would appreciate any feedback on additions etc. to these listings   You can also email us at admins@handgunlaw.us.  Thank you for any assistance you can give us. Stay Safe!



We have combined the “Brandishing”  and “SYG/Castle Doctrine” files. The two original Files will no longer be updated if you have downloaded them. The New combined Doc will be put on the site but we haven’t decided where we are going to put it. In the Mean time you can access that Document at




It has some additions that the two original documents do not contain. It is dated as being updated 8/1 but putting a link out to it earlier here. Again not sure where a link on the site will be pointing to this document.






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Updated Files
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While I don’t agree with HOW the McCloskey’s did what they did, that’s a question of tactics only. They were in danger. Brandishing can go a million ways in a court of law. My standard is anything done with a firearm in defense of home and family or self is done as a last resort and done only to stop the threat——nothing more. You might also consider where you are at the time. If you are in an area populated by idiots who elect idiots then by all means, flight should be your tactic if at all possible. 

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