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Puerto Rico Update

Gary Slider

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I have found the Admin Rule for the Puerto Rico Act 168-2019 which is their new gun law. I have been working on it but with the Rules being a Scanned copy making all the pages images you can’t highlight it and paste it into a translator. You have to type it all in. So it takes time.  Yes they are Shall Issue BUT!!!  Seems like some of what we have been hearing is not all that accurate. Below is a translation of one part of the act concerning honoring other states permit/licenses. I am working on the PR Page at www.handgunlaw.us but it will take some time before I update it again with more translations.  Also be aware that Translators on the internet are not the greatest in the world. This is not a word for word translation but gives a good idea of what the law states. There is still not an Official Version of Act 168-2019 and I doubt there will ever be an official version of the  PR Admin Rules published in English. If anyone comes across the PR Admin Rules in English I would appreciate a Heads Up!


 Translation of Administrative Rules on Act 168 of 2019

Article 2.18  People With a Gun License From Other Jurisdictions

People with a gun license from other jurisdictions, in order to have the same rights and privileges enjoyed by people with a gun license from Puerto Rico, must comply with the requirements established by Act 168-2019. The NPPR Commissioner may establish memorandum of understanding (MOU) with states and / or territories of the United States that have similar requirements to Law 168-2019. Once the NPPR Commissioner establishes the MOUs, the person who meets the established requirements and intends to introduce one or more weapons and / or ammunition to Puerto Rico shall inform the Division of Weapons Registration and License Issuance. Said notification shall be made using form PPR-1062 entitled: "Notification of Intention to Introduce Weapons and /or Ammunition "  five (5) business days before introducing weapons and / or ammunition to Puerto Rico. When feasible, notification will be made through the following link: www.policia.pr.gov. In these cases the Firearms will be registered in the Real Plus System.

Link to PR Admin Rules in Spanish


Link to PPR-1062 This is the form you would fill out if you wanted to introduce a firearm into Puerto Rico.


Here is a link to a list of forms that PR Police have listed concerning firearms. Some of the forms are in both English and Spanish.


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