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When was the last time you got electrocuted?

Huaco Kid



Like, today.

Through nothing that I did, the 600W halogen lamp burned out.  But when you're putting the bulb in, those pesky electrons will rather go into your finger, than through the bulb. 



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Since I was a Ham radio operator in the tube days, I used to get shocks occasionally in the course of building and repairing things..  Up to a few thousand Volts.  I call them shocks if you can tell someone about it afterwards.  You can get "accustomed to them".

Electrocution was when you couldn't tell anyone about it afterwards. 

Friend of mine got a shock of around 100,000 Volts from a dormant Electron Microscope Power Supply.  His reaction cause him to slice a 6 inch gash right down the inside of his arm when he pulled back against the cover bolts holding the oil bath for the power supply.  He had a story to tell.  

Another time the Director of research wanted me to measure the High Voltage on the Microscope using a portable meter.  I told him in no uncertain terms, NO!  He got a Technician to do it and the Tech got knocked out from the shock.  The Director was told to stay out of the Lab by the CEO!   


I have never gotten a shock from 110VAC or 220 VAC.



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I once saw a wedding ring perfectly welded to a 10KV bus-bar.  They said the guy got out of it unharmed.  When they offered to shut the building down (a telephone switching center) so he could get it back,  he declined and told them to leave it there, as he would never wear another ring.

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