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  1. On a topic we are all familiar with, we realize morons like Nadler don't know what they are talking about. Makes you wonder if they understand anything they vote on?
  2. The radical environmentalist's consist of a number of groups. One group consists of those who think they are smarter then everyone in the room. One is the group who genuinely care about the planet to the point they worship it. Another is in love with the idea of mass transit, but they need everyone to help pay for it. Another are genuine freedom haters, who want to put people in boxes and make then stay put. Another are the people who just want to be against everything. Generally they are losers in life's lottery. The uber wealthy, who desire power over people more then even more money. And of course those who can't wait to see America and Americans brought to their knees. They want to limit travel and freedom and the American way of life. What better way to do it then destroy the engine of Capitalism. Oil.
  3. Just looking at the stairs in the photo makes me dizzy.
  4. There is big time money behind this insanity. Government officials have to be getting paid under the table by someone to accept this kind of nonsense. Chinese Communist government payments to both current and past Republicans, Democrats and officials in past administrations have caused the balance of power to be shifting from the U.S. to China. Damn, I hate politicians.
  5. I kinda figured hand sanitizer guy was just doing this out of nervous habit. Until a full investigation is performed, we won't know what cops were or were not ordered to do. If he had already been in a gun fight-sounds like he was in 2020-he might be traumatized from that experience. Lots of cops apparently go through entire careers w/o ever firing a shot in anger. It was a cluster frack for sure.
  6. Every major race series-Nascar, Indy Car, F1 and all their feeder series-are spec cars. They have done this for safety reasons, and supposedly to cut costs. A fun new series is SRX where guys like Tony Stewart, Bobby Labonte, Ryan Newman, Michael Waltrip, Matt Kenseth from Nascar and Indy Car guys like Ryan Hunter Ray, Paul Tracy, Marco Andretti run in identical cars on short tracks, both paved and dirt. Races are short, they remind me of the old Saturday Night races I used to attend around Indiana and Ohio. Oh and Nascar now features at least 5 road races during the season. Indy will be coming up in a couple of weeks, on the road course. Stock cars on the road course are just a blast to watch.
  7. Breaker breaker 19 How about a 10-36? Buy a watch Mickey Mouse.
  8. Radical Environmentalists. What are they good for? Absolutely nothin!
  9. Colonel Parker is not portrayed in a positive light in this movie. According to the script he took 50% of Elvis's earnings. He was also a fraud, and could not leave the country because he did not have a passport. Assumed identity. Still you have to wonder if the Colonel had not seen Elvis and promoted him, would he have really ever been heard of?
  10. Yes it's pretty even handed. I think Mrs N was concerned that chubby Elvis might be featured, but its only at the end. Great back story-don't know how much its Hollywoodized-about his love of Black Gospel Music as a kid and Black performers on Beal St.
  11. Took Mrs. N to the matinee for the new Elvis movie today. All I can say is. Wow. The actor who played Elvis really nailed the character. Tom Hanks put in his usual workmanlike performance as the some times evil Colonel Parker. Great supporting cast and some outstanding musical performances. I give this one a solid 9 out of 10.
  12. Both my son and his wife have Tat's. Can't say I understand the need or want for it but, they are both hardworking responsible adults with children they take care of and love. that's all that's required to earn my respect.
  13. Bad idea to buy underwear for any woman you are not currently sleeping with.
  14. lol. I remember when the "switch blade comb" was popular.
  15. norton

    New riots?

    When are we going to stop giving people a pass while committing crimes due to their skin pigmentation?
  16. lol. All these years I thought the lyric was "plastic man". Turns out he wrote the song while in the loo.
  17. As soon as it's legal in all 50 states cries to legalize even harder street drugs will begin. It's easier to control the masses when they are stoned.
  18. I purchased my first Glock in 2002. I had been a gun owner/shooter since I was a kid but it was my first plastic fantastic. Glock 17. Still have it. Over the years I added a 21, 35 and a 43. All of those got traded for something else. After I bought my 17 I started surfing the net looking for Glock content when I ran across GT. That was in 2002. This year will be my 20th on that site you built Eric. Its been entertaining, informative, and a blast. Thanks.
  19. We have a charging station in the parking lot at the town hall/police station in the town where I live. It requires a credit card, but I don't know how much it costs. I have never seen it being used.
  20. That's funny right there. But sadly true.
  21. Wow. I got misty eyed listening to that young woman speak. God Bless the USA. And damn her enemies. Inside and out.
  22. It's like ole Joe just wants to destroy his presidency. His gaffe's in speech, his doofus handling of the pullout in Afghanistan, his thoughtless remarks about removing Putin from office, his stated intention to go to war over Taiwan. I can't decide if he's stupid, careless, senile or just an old Communist.
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