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  1. Often referred to as “selective hearing “.
  2. Libtards have so many problems but their reactions are few, or the same.
  3. That looks expensive
  4. Indeed, and once that was removed, well, go to court sometime and look at juries and their verdicts.
  5. Back when you could tell the brand/model without looking at a program and the drivers weren’t whiny little bitches. Well, a few were whiny but nothing a brawl in the pits wouldn’t settle. I always liked Cale as he drove hard, one lap ahead or down three, didn’t matter. Of course he never shied away from telling you he was good. LOL!
  6. Maybe that’s a big part of the plan
  7. And now kids play video games and a hard days work would hurt most of them. It must have been educational back then though, as there were no man buns nor 63+ gender’s. I will bet those sacks of corn weighed 200 pounds by dinner time.
  8. As stated that was several years ago, and I’m sure they have improved. Ford dealerships I have had experience with. With one in particular there was an expensive charge for replacing brakes/rotors which were covered by the factory because the rotors were undersized. I found that out when I took the car to another ford dealer to see if they could fix the transmission, which was still under warranty and still causing trouble after several trips to fix it. Found out that none of the work charged for on the transmission had been done and had the paperwork to prove it. The original dealer had to repay the money. And went out of business many years ago. I think competition increased and forced dealers to get better, as happens to most any business. Glad you were treated well at the Toyota dealer, as I like Toyota vehicles.
  9. I’ve seen them referred to as a “stealership”. Several years ago Toyota did a survey and people liked their cars but despised the dealership. I’m sure that could apply to many brands. I don’t know as I haven’t bought a new car in years.
  10. I c what you did there.
  11. Maybe it’s just me but isn’t this a page right out of the Nazi playbook? I ask as the libtards are always the very first to scream “ nazi” at most anything that they don’t like, which is a lot.
  12. I don’t recall seeing this blasted daily by the lame stream media. An oversight by these bastions of truth and justice perhaps?
  13. These are the tools of a man with some deliberation and experience.
  14. Most anything is better deep fried.
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