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  1. I didn’t know certain left wing political groups met in February.
  2. Agreed, things have strayed. I have no further comment.
  3. I’m a long way from a snowflake and I feel certain there are more than just snowflakes that don’t like you but then I would have to care for that to be important. I just have a low tolerance for people that are arrogant, jackasses, or have an overly inflated opinion of themselves.
  4. Perhaps black people should get french poodles and rednecks should get a Tesla? Enquiring minds want to know.
  5. Perhaps you should visit some other part of the country, refrain from coming south, as I’m certain the South will persevere without you. We like our trucks and do indeed talk about them. If anyone doesn’t like our prattle they are certainly welcome to go the hell back where they came from. Think I will have another cup of coffee now.
  6. Egads man! Have you no idea of the liberal heads that will twist off and explode if they see this? There is a reason the truth is hidden from them.
  7. Legs they are gams they may be From what I see they are beautiful to me
  8. I’d like for all of them to plug in and melt the system down a few times. Even a liberal nut case (redundant I suppose) without AC and internet would figure out there is a problem. Maybe.
  9. Several folks have been hurt when they underestimated the torque on battery powered drills and impact tools.
  10. That would be a hideous concoction known as vodka. Based on more experience I can add that mixing cheap wine with cheap beer doesn’t end well. It ends predictably, just not well.
  11. It has been and will continue to be about control. I don’t think anyone has the freedom we have in owning firearms, but that right has been under relentless attack. Those who would be king cannot do so when the peasants have more firepower than they do. I pray we get a red tide of true conservatives as the alternative isn’t pleasant.
  12. Katherine Bach is awesome in any movie.
  13. Also known as “The Look”.
  14. So earning a stud fee isn’t out of the realm of possibility? A new company called Stud Muffins R Us.
  15. I will be sending some money in. I would rather kick in a few bucks and not have ads. This is a great site and I want it to keep growing.
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