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  1. I had 22mag barrel I bought along with 3 others at Gander Mountian for 50$ each. Sold it and the 30-30 barrels for a great profit. I have 8 frames and maybe 10 barrels now. Sold all my barrels that weren't 22 with exception of a 357 mag with irons and a 7mm TCU and 270 REN the buys never paid for. Still would like to sell them. Have several scopes and mounts also that never sold. Since GB changes polices and increased seller fees I've quit using them.
  2. ede

    .22 shorts

    Always wanted a rifle chambered for Shorts back when you could find Short ammo everywhere.
  3. I've seen a few. No desire to own one but they're hard to come by. I have a 572 I've used for the rifle in Rimfire Challenge Mechanical division. Won the World Shoot twice and several state level matches with it. It's the most natural pointing rifle I've ever had.
  4. Sometimes it's good to be compulsive. I could buy a new Duramax truck and take a nice vacation if i sold off my rimfire ammo or primers. I'm old enough now I'm thinking I may well have a life time supply.
  5. ede

    Buying guns?

    I'm not understanding how they know or code its a firearm or ammo purchase based on point of sale. I know a gas station/mini mart that sells guns and Bass Pro sells way more than guns and ammo.
  6. Found out long time ago that if you're going to do anything you need to gear up for it or you'll just get frustrated and pissed things don't go your way. Buy the tools or equipment you need to make life easier.
  7. I don't own shorts or a suit. I seldom if ever watch prime time TV or sports with exception of drag racing. I read a lot, I like classic literature and history. I don't live with my wife, we each have a house in different states. My daughter has a PhD my son doesn't. I've lived here nearly 2 years and outside of people at work I don't know anyone or talk to anyone.
  8. We have them in Alabama, call them Banana Spiders. Had them in Ohio when I was there and called them big spiders. From what I've read they eat a huge amount of insects. I leave them alone.
  9. ede

    Interview Today

    well that didn't go like I thought. had a drug test, working from home and 35 minutes from work and 90 minutes from interview. 2 hour window to do drug test or it's a fail. I was in car on time but was video interview and couldn't get cpnnected in my car sitting on side of road. I'd guess they're done with me which I under stand.
  10. I have some sort of video interview today for a job in Baton Rouge area. Friend of mine works for them at a site in Texas and ask for my resume because they couldn't find qualified candidates. Took a few days but recruiter called yesterday and set up interview for today. Interview is with 6 people and scheduled to last a hour. It'll get me around 13 hours closer to home and pay more. Only down side is I'd have to pay state income tax there. Pay will be more slightly and will get PD which will be significant. I bought a house here and am really happy with my living arrangement here and somewhat happy with the job but would like new job much more. Hate idea of packing, moving, and selling house.
  11. That's brilliant. I never considered that before. Do you ask or someone just randomly do it for you?
  12. Who ain't done that when they were at a nude beach.
  13. Shoot Steel Challenge match Saturday. I shot Iron Sight Revolver and Rimfire Piston Iron Sight with a revolver. Only me shooting ISR so it wasn't difficult to take 1st place. Had two Rimfire Pistol Open shooters finish within 4 seconds of me. If I had been using a bottom feeder I'd had 10 seconds on then and finished 2nd overall in rimfire instead of forth, but still first with irons.
  14. Make it legal everywhere. It'll make my life so much easier not having to find a gas station.
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