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  1. NO! Please Tell me! I have not purchased anything yet? STill looking for recommendations. If the one you mentioned will show me live data. Got a link to share? (*trying to diagnose failing catalytic converter or 02 sensors)
  2. I have seen them able to view/graph your O2 sensor(s), engine temp, etc. output LIVE. This is basically what I'm looking for. This may be the one.... https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/innova-carscan-advisor-5210/12071147-p?
  3. Looking for recommendations for a new ODBII scanner. We own Subaru vehicles. (04 and 08) Looking for one that will give me a live data stream that doesn't cost over $100. Thanks in advance! inthefey
  4. Listen to the dialogue. Look at the maps. Prophecy? Naaah! Just a modern day conversation in The Oval Office. This movie was made in 1980.
  5. He "tests" hundreds of products. I personally use Mobile 1 5W-30. I just though it was interesting, especially the "lubricity" test. I was using Hopps. Switched to Mobile 1 about 5 years ago.
  6. Project Farm tested the leading CLP products. Very interesting! May change your mind!
  7. To the Stars, Owen, to the stars.....
  8. Just curious if anyone is doing any crypto mining? If so, what are you mining? *Made any money? (* simple yes/no) Thinking about maybe doing this in a very small scale. Anyone? Thanks
  9. Had this really neat looking truck pull up into our lot last week. There was an enlisted driving it - probably a recruiting vehicle because it had US GOV plates. Took a few shots of it and posted them to another forum. A discussion broke out as to what aircraft it was emulating. It could be either? What say you?
  10. This the absolute truth. We raise them from babies and, just when they're teenagers, we have to say goodbye. I sincerely hope God grants me the ability to see my dear pet friends should I make it to heaven. If I don't make it, you guys please look out for them...
  11. This gem was near a cell site in Altoona, PA this week. Looks British but cannot find a match. Any ideas? THANKS!
  12. Service call for a Wi-Fi problem. Word is the food here is amazing! Wait! They have food here?! Coughlin's Law and Ale House. 10 Virginia Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA.
  13. It just tastes better! Honey Ham, mayo, sliced Roma tomatoes, Swiss cheese, lettuce, a stripe of spicy brown mustard on the tomatoes , all in-between white artisan bread. Yum! Piece of fruit. ( Grapes, orange or Apple) I buy a box of cheese crackers and put them in small snack bags, a wedge of laughing cow cheese and a thermos of lightly sweetened iced tea. I throw a small 8 oz plastic bottle of water in the freezer the night before. Keeps everything chilled till lunch time. Less than $25 a week.
  14. Folks that work outside your home, Do you make your own lunch or do you buy? Fixing my own these days. Saving over $200 a month. Takes 10 minutes.
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