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  1. I love my local USPS office and folks, rarely have an issue. UPS is doing good as well. FedEx and Amazon? Not so much.
  2. Remember this thing? Well, they made a real one! And I want one! Best tool to pick up chicks. Even those with a big arse.
  3. Sander arrived. The US is in DEEP trouble. We are either forced to buy China **** or outdated old tech that isn't working right from day one. Mine can't be tracked on center, it either runs out or into the motor housing. A slight turn on the adjustment screw makes the belt run straight from one into the other direction. Zero middle ground. I think the upper part is completely out of alignment. Shipping box was not damaged, so this was not dropped. I bet they never tested it. The instructional videos this company offers, are flat out retarded and useless. It is mindboggling how the US could sell out to China and many of the few remaining US based manufacturers long stopped innovating or producing quality products. It's a true sample why we are fucked all-around. Same can be seen in our infrastructure, military equipment, you name it. Everything is either micromanaged and over priced, or outdated and throw away solutions.
  4. Meanwhile YouTube removed the dislike button, because left wing content and channels like CNN saw huge dislike ratios. A sign of people waking up and a movement. Google owns YouTube and they are 100% pro Dems, so it comes at no surprise that they once again censor everything that questions the Dem / libs / left wing agenda. This censorship is happening now everywhere and most still don't see what's going on. And half the country supports it, because they have been brainwashed into the woke assumption that white people and conservatives are the bad guys.
  5. Aka the DeepState. Put into place by the Dems and globalist elites for probably 2 decades. The entire system is infiltrated with bias, agenda and corruption IMO. What we need are: - accountability for EVERYONE working for the people, **** up and go to jail like everyone else - integrity starting with the officers working the streets - term-limits throughout - no more financial lobbying anywhere (one US citizen = one vote, end of story) - making a federally balanced budget a law (no money = no funding, period) - no more bail-outs - reducing federal government by at least 60% - implementing anti trust laws that prohibit any mergers or buyouts by companies in the S&P 500 or with more than 10,000 employees - 1,000% tariffs on everything made in China, force US companies to bring back our working middle class - splitting up all big tech companies to the state they used to be 15 years ago - making all social media platforms accountable for bias and censorship with fines in the 2 digit billions - making all news outlets accountable for false information, political agenda and censorship with fines in the 2 digit millions to billions - putting one tax funded news outlet into place that is only allowed to stream political discussions, raw, unedited, uncut, undocumented, live, without adding any opinion or editorials - make voter ID a requirement on EVERY level, federal down to cities / counties / sheriffs - no more mail in ballots, making voting in person a requirement - regulate health care costs and open the insurance market on all levels - no more bails for violent criminals
  6. Black Friday minivan camping at Best Buy lol 5 hours to go. First 5 kids waiting in line, probably for the few Playstation 5 Best Buy may drop. Glad I got mine a year ago. I don't even know what I'll buy. Maybe a 55" TV for the garage.
  7. Wishing you both all the best! Do you know how and where you got infected? Any fever?
  8. Just making a point by refusing to partake in the political correctness and wokeness bullshit. When I grew up, cussing was part of daily communication. When I feel strongly about something, I will use matching words. They are only words after all.
  9. So shoot 2 of those 400 bullets, keep the brass, dump 398 in the Easter fire, and you have 400 brass.
  10. He is reloading, so they don't go away that easily
  11. When I moved from Miami Beach I needed a new dentist. I search for one online, with the best ratings. Found one with 5 star rating, checked out his website, saw a really calming photo of his family, and felt good about him right away. He takes so much time, and there's always a very personal component. Several years back he did a root canal treatment. When the crown was in place I could still feel discomfort. Then he found a tiny canal that didn't show up on the first x-rays. I got the new crown for free and he refunded the money for the first one. I didn't ask for it, he insisted. He sent me emails for several months, asking if I would still have any issues with that tooth. When I have an appointment, there is NOBODY waiting in line. You don't sit down and wait, he doesn't over-book like most other dentists do. Never had that level of care before.
  12. You wanted 400 bullets but only got 398. You found another 400 online, but then you would have 2 extra bullets? More like 398 extra bullets. Don't mess with MY OCD. lol
  13. I'm so racist that both my dentist AND my primary doc are black as the night. They are also wonderful people that I trust with my health issues. The Salvation Army and all those race-baiting piece of **** organizations and companies can go **** themselves with their racial divide and implied bullshit.
  14. So its willful enabling in order to recreate the purpose of an ill-fitting ideology?
  15. That's exactly what a good friend of mine keeps saying. It's really hard to get off the beaten path when you are fed all that hate on every news outlet and most social media platforms.
  16. My issue with all these recent cases and the whole situation we are living in, is that none of the root causes are addressed or even talked about. Let's assume for a moment that there is some form of ongoing racism towards black folks. Why may that be the case? I think many people are just fed up with 2 issues that are much more represented in black communities: - black folks do (much) more crime per capita compared to white folks (the FBI database is online and accessible for everybody to read) - parts of the black culture seem to increased crime rates and family related issues like kids growing up with no father in the house, which spirals into the first issue How can this imbalance be corrected? How can we keep the Dems from using and abusing this issue for political gain and control?
  17. Travis McMichael declared guilty on all counts, Greg McMichael was found guilty on 8. I didn't watch the trial, only gathered some info over the past weeks. While Ahmaud grabbing the gun is a reason for self defense in itself, those 3 white guys chased him down over an assumed trespassing issue. In my state, you can only trespass somebody when your property is fenced in and has matching signs in place, or you have to send a trespass warning to the offender first. You can't just arrest or hold down anybody who walks onto an unfenced property. So with this perspective, those 3 guys created a new situation that may have caused Ahmaud to fear for his life, and maybe he was dumb enough to go for the gun, trying to prevent them from shooting him in the first place. I would not chase anybody down with a firearm, that walked onto a neighbors property. If somebody would steal from a property, I'd call the cops and follow the suspect in a safe distance, but I would never try to do a "citizen" arrest. How do you guys feel about this case?
  18. I hope yall will have a nice Thanksgiving, Black Friday, long weekend, family time, whatever may be important to you. Feel free to share plans, photos, stuffings, shopping lists, rants on family members, sports games to watch! I think I'll make a 2 night trip to Cape Canaveral in the minivan camper. Weather is supposed to be sunny and in the low 70s.
  19. That's the world we live in. We have low IQ clowns voting for criminals that now seem to get away with everything. Maybe we are the low IQ clowns for letting all this **** unfold.
  20. I hate feeling like the goat, because in my perfect world I triple check everything, so I simply CAN'T be wrong, and I act accordingly towards other. The times I'm still wrong, I want to hide in my stinking rabbit hole and never come out again.
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