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  1. Nothing extreme, along those lines...
  2. I built my own 1000 cc racebike to CCS Superbike class specifications based on a GSXR 1000. Compatible to a Yoshimura race bike. 230 HP at the crank, 200 at the rear wheel, at 370 pounds wet, no fuel.
  3. Once I'm readdy to lure some lot lizards into the trap!
  4. So I need to feed them to a female. I love me some booty with thick thighs lol
  5. Camera exposure was set on lighting outside... plenty dark in the minivan.
  6. Got gaming covered as well... but with a view.
  7. PS: stop spamming photos found on the internet, take your own photos and share! Get out there!
  8. Brunch right now... and ready for the weekend..
  9. For 3 decades. Travel is still down from covid, many rather stay at home. Rooms close to the center are available for 230 plus.
  10. That sandwich looks good! I don't work anymore, let alone outside, but I wish I did. Sitting on my ass all day long is extremely unhealthy. I stopped eating fast food and going to any form of restaurant, bars or night clubs 8 years ago. Saving about 2 grand every month. These days I eat very irregularly, basically only when I'm hungry, and that's not good either because I end up stuffing my face late at night and go straight to bed. Say hello reflux. On an average day I have a salad for brunch, usually around 1 PM. I can't eat anything for the first 4 to 5 hours of the day. Average salad look like this... romaine hart, sugar bomb tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, boiled eggs, red onion, in an aioli / lime juice dressing. Brunch when I'm out and about in my minivan camper. Thing has a fridge and induction cooktop.
  11. Well, the hotness didn't last. Hype is gone again. Bulls sell every little spike. Longest seller wick ever. Was a first class red to green move through VWAP and SMA 9, and failed within the same 1 minute candle. Luckily I had a Limit order in place just below a long standing resistance and sold before the other toolbags chickend out. Man do I miss last years small cap gapper market. This thing would have run several hundred percent. These days you can count yourself lucky when you get away green.
  12. I'm inclined to make a trip to Jackson Hole over the Christmas days into new year, for a week or so, with my minivan camper, and get a room once I arrive. This is the most Christmas like town I can imagine. At times I watch a couple live streams on YouTube late at night. It looks especially beautiful once the snow comes down. Have any of you been in Jackson Hole? Live stream:
  13. I had to ask to get it shipped off. Was sitting there for a week. No Ti for me yet. That may come in handy one day when working on AR builds, like pinning the muzzle.
  14. - Defunct families with lacking or no parents - Removal of wards - Kids growing up in a video game world with no connection to reality - Dems engraining victimhood from an early age - Dems engraining entitlement without achievement - Dems letting criminals out of jail - Dems dividing the country through instilled hate and censorship of opposing opinion or truth - Feds ignoring signs of nutcases preparing - Removal of God from the parent's home The list is long.
  15. Finally got my rods and coupons delivered. Time for some practice!
  16. Brings me back to voting Dems out. They created this pro criminal / anti police sentiment. If I'd be a LEO, I'd refuse to work under a Dem Major or Dem Governor, period. I could never get that under one hat with my requirement for integrity. How do you want to protect people walking to a huge store or hanging out at the beach? Those criminal shits will always find a group of unprotected people. If we don't fight the root cause, this will just keep happening. Here an example. Guy killed 86 (not 6, EIGHTY SIX) people and injured 458 by plowing down a beach promenade. Do you want to put up barricades and a police presence along all beaches, malls and boardwalks? We would look like the Gaza Strip and only invite more terror. And who is going to pay for that? Not my tax dollars. If it gets to that point, I'm outta here.
  17. Those acts are not irrational for the attackers. They act one what they have learned, on the news, social media, you name it. -- All good, but it needs a critical mass of men to have an effect. Any such "movement" would be called domestic terrorists by, you guessed it, the acting left. Only 2 ways to get to a point of resolution: educate, and if people don't want that, the pain needs to become so bad that enough are willing to stand up. By that time it may be too late due to loss of rights. There are two kinds of pain in this world. The pain that hurts, the pain that alters. Dem voters are far away from any altering pain. As a matter of facts, they are now doing better through more handouts and getting away with more crimes.
  18. You can't put up barriers everywhere. What we need is to educate people. Make them see that the Dems are causing all this hate and divide for political gain. All those criminals attacking people over a race are inspired by the false narrative pushed by the left wing media and big tech social media platforms. The revolving jail door policy is also pushed by Dems. Make them stop voting for the Dems so we can reunite in peace while putting away criminals properly.
  19. File a LLC or S-corp, keeps the liability away from your personal assets.
  20. Too much overhead right from the start. Don't spend money you haven't earned yet. Accounting is easy. Get a business bank account and pay every cost that is business related from that business account. Keep all invoices. At the end of the years its: all income - all business costs = taxable income. Quicken can file that stuff easily for 50 bucks online.
  21. Get a Square account and one of those small dongles for your cell phone. Lets you swipe and charge any card right there and the customer signs on the phone display. Its what my staff uses out on sales shows and expos. https://squareup.com/us/en/point-of-sale Word of mouth is 80% of your marketing. Don't expect a full order book over night, just do the best job you can, each time. For the other 20% I'd get an Instagram account and post photos of finished jobs. Use a decent cell phone with good cam. Make the photos look good, no garbage in the background. Offer your service on Facebook Marketplace and Angie List. Ask all family members and friends to help connect you with people needing service.
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