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  1. Talking about it, I think I'll do a trigger job on mine.
  2. .327 Revolvers are good for 5 calibers: .32 ACP, .32 Short, .32 S&W Long, .32 H&R Magnum, and .327 Federal Magnum. The trigger on the 101 is stiff and rough to pull. Own a 101 in .327 as well and I hate shooting it.
  3. After my "procedure" she won't be able to sit on that ass for days to come!
  4. That grin really tells the story lol Wish I had some mountains around for hikes. Every time I go to Vegas for the SHOT show I get some hikes in. I love Red Rock Canyon.
  5. Remember those days when an injury just healed in a week or 2, when we used to be young? Now you deal with some crap for a bunch of months, and after a short break of a week, the next issue shows up. Whoever came up with this failing-health-over-time concept needs a beating. "Luckily" I broke my left wrist and that was many years back, but I wasn't able to rack a slide for a couple years. I broke the bone that takes the longest to heal. Its called Scaphoid, and it only has a very limited blood circulation. They put a titanium compression screw in it. To this day I have limit strength in that wrist. Opening a tight bottle cap can cause me to have pain and issues for 2 weeks. So I'm still motivated to find handguns and loads that wouldn't hurt my wrist. The times I could shoot my .500 Magnum are over, that's for sure. I can shoot my G29 / G40, but racking them is still no fun, so wheel guns really come in handy, as you know. I haven't been to the range in a while due to the China virus but I plan to go before Christmas. I'll probably load up some .327 Federal Magnum. They are still harmless to my wrist, but get close to .357 Magnum performance. They shoot flatter too. Had to use a bone growth stimulator for a long time...
  6. Nice! That's what I call an active lifestyle. Wish you'd be living around my neck of the woods, I'd love to go to the range with you, sit around a couple reloading presses and share some thoughts on product design. We have some very similar interests. I started my company with product design and coded my own websites. Also a DAN holder here, German Jujitsu, which entails some aikido. What happened with your hand? Will it recover eventually? When I broke my wrist, I uploaded a bunch of soft recoiling wad cutters for my Ruger GP100 in .32 Long, so I know what you are dealing with. Dirty bullseye but very accurate. 25 yards:
  7. Wow! Those are some detailed plans. I just placed an order for a bunch of balsa wood on eBay and grabbed a mini table saw as well as a mini cut-off saw at Harbor Freight. I'll be doing some winged models the way I used to back in middle school. I love magazines from manufacturers, been collecting BluePress from Dillon for many years. None of them go into the trash.
  8. Its only ruling the day because we let it and because we consume way too much of it. I can turn off FOX news, Breitbart or any of the left wing channels. But when I get bombarded with the same crap around here, my last option is to turn off TBS as well. And I'd hate that because I have made friends with some around here (well, on GT) a long time ago. I recall long talks in DMs with folks like Jack for example and a bunch of others like Will from Utah. Those topics had been so rich and deep. Will and I had a reloading thread running on GT that lasted 2 years with countless upload ladders, hundreds of photos, statistics, citations from books. We set new FPS records for the caliber, tested aftermarket barrels, analyzed powders on an microscopic level. So many people joined that thread. Then the left wing trolls showed up and took over the other site. And now we are down to re-acting to the left wing crap in an echo chamber. Say what you want, that ain't right nor good, let lone productive.
  9. Now we are talking! Finally some gun content Your .40 caliber poor boy rifle is clean! I never looked into muzzleloaders, but one day I will. Are primers for muzzleloader available these days? Granted, a handful lasts much longer.
  10. That pretty much reflects what I see, what I assumed about your position, and the current state. While the way I argue my point once its being questioned may not be wrapped in cushy framing, at the end of the day I just hope for better QUALITY content all-around. Less is more. Seeing tadbart or Walt posting photos of their new properties and the plans they may have gets me excited. Yet another pedo / meme / Dems suck thread make me feel bad and question why I stick around. One personal photo, story or plan says 100 times more than some random meme or photo that has been posted in one shape or form 20 times before. So yeah... yall take from it what you want, going to drop this topic now.
  11. Negative. Not a single new member in 6 weeks! Biff posted several times, now he wasn't online for 5 days. I coded and ran my own forum. If TBS stays on this track, it will be dead in a few years at best. Just pulled up a little 3rd party stat. Keyword Gaps are search relevant words or phrases leading to external content. Have a look at the keywords. That's what TBS is "known" for right now: Exactly the type of content I was talking about when it comes to the nonstop negative, politically motived repetitiveness that is sticking around like a dirty bubble gum to your shoe. Also, those times where you could trick the SEO bots and crawlers into better ranking by faking lots of content with links and low text content are LOOONG gone. Granted, you don't know anything on the topic on how to maintain let alone grow a forum.
  12. I've got no hard on for you, I just get tired of this useless spam. And this is not just my personal perspective. Read my next post on the topic! Also, how many other forums do you know where 2 people spam thousands of images every week? As a matter of facts, most forums ban spammers, because they don't add true content. As I just wrote in my prior post, if this forum turns out to be just a spam invested nonsense place, I'll be gone for good. And I can guarantee you this: this forum will be dead within a few years once the 3 people spamming it can't show up anymore due to health issues. Who will be left once this forum was only frequented by spammers? Instead of feeling attacked and trying to get back at me with nonsense, how about you take your cell phone and share a personal photo for a change? When you look closely, that's all I'm asking for. Less spam, more personal content with some value to it!
  13. I'd much rather hear and see photos of what YOU are up to than the same pollical crap that we can't change anyways, because we are already all on the same page in this forum when it comes to that topic. Not counting a few folks, TBS has turned into a political and meme invested landfill. We all shared some, we all have seen them... but what is the point of repeating the same? Correct. There is none.
  14. TBS is the very last forum I'm truly active on. There are very few forums where I'm still a member. They all are very purpose orientated, like a welding forum. I only ask topic related questions on those few forums and don't share much or any personal stuff. Forums used to be the **** dating back to the late 90s and 2000s. Ever since FaceBook showed up, forums have died off. And ever since Instagram and TokTok showed up, FaceBook is dying off (not counting the left vs right bickering). The attention span needed for those new platforms is basically only a few seconds. It's a true reflection of today's society. "Nobody" sits down anymore and creates QUALITY content by coming up with new projects and posting regularly on the progress. These days its mostly useless memes and random photos that have nothing to do with the poster. If I wanted to see that, I can just Google it myself. Quality always topped quantity. So how did we end up with folks copy and pasting thousands of those memes and images EVERY ******* DAY? That's like the equivalent of mouth-diarrhea. A term used by a good friend when people keep talking on stuff that has zero value or individuality. Most potentially new TBS members look at the recent posts section on the home page. When they see memes and photos spammed through-out the entire section, they may easily think that this forums is bot infested! The first impression counts, and that is not inviting for new members, or to grow this forum. Heck, even many of the old GT members don't show up anymore because it's the same ol same ol. Also, how many times have people started new threads which get dumped down the list with spam posts within minutes, so many don't even get to see those threads due to the massive amount of spam. Maybe @Eric can help with this by removing all those spammer threads with 100 plus pages, to be excluded from the "recent post" listing on the home page. Would make the forum look much more inviting with a bunch of fresh content listed instead of the same garbage.
  15. Thank you for posting, really appreciate it. I always followed you around on GT. I too feel so much better when I exhausted myself on any day with physical (and mental) activities.
  16. Every morning I come to this site, hoping to find new, inspiring threads with some PERSONAL content, then I see the forum being flooded in a minute-interval with random crap found on the internet and copied, then I just close the browser again and walk away. I guess that's a good thing, more time for things away from the ******* computer. Say what you want. This is not of value (for you), that's just an obsessive addiction.
  17. Hm. When I go into the Windows Disk Manager, its shows me ALL partitions. Never mind: not Windows Disk Manager
  18. "The partition essentially split the computer’s hard drive into a public-facing side that was business-related and included the tracking program, and a secret second side that used Linux and the browser", experts said. So now everybody who uses 2 operating systems on one drive is suspicious, got it.
  19. I know how old you are. That's no excuse. If you have two semi working legs, you can get out there and get something new started.
  20. Don't troll the giant knucklehead, he keeps a score card and knows your IP.
  21. I know from my own experiences and reading up on this topic, including studies, that both the mind and the body, aka your health, deteriorates once you become inactive. Being inside most of the time, sitting on our asses for prolonged times, sitting in-front of computer screens, is pretty much the worst you can do. You basically send your entire metabolism a signal that your body and mind isn't needed anymore. Do some research on this topic. The people that live the longest, healthiest and happiest, work into high ages, outside, often past 80. Most of them do physical work. None of them eat fast food. None of them are alcoholics or smoke. None of them take ANY drugs. None of them spend any time on any computers or watching TV. For example the people on the Greek island Ikaria. They don't have access to our ""awesome"" medical care, at all. But they live in average 10 years longer than US folks, and they don't waste the last 2 decades of their life suffering from diseases. Basically all my threads are meant as an inspiration to become more active, to start a new passion (my camper build and traveling with it), to eat healthier (my Food Emporium thread) , start a new trade (my welding thread), look into a new income opportunity (my day trading thread), a new sport (my track day and racing thread), etc. While some members show some interest, not much is changing. It comes at no surprise that people living in the US are so obese - or flat out fat - unhealthy, uninspired. Everybody seems to be permanently 24/7 connected to a smart phone, computer or gaming console. At the end of the day it's none of my business what yall do, but its kinda depressing to see how some people throw away their health, time and wellbeing.
  22. Boaters Christmas parade...
  23. Shared my steak with my new buddy.
  24. Finally some motivating photos, thank you!
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