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  1. 2 hours ago, pipedreams said:

    "While the U.S. media has (for the most part) pretty much ignored the news coming out of the Russia-Ukrainian border, things appear to be much different in the former Soviet state.




























    I gave it a couple weeks to check things from a distance, but I'm done for good.

    TBS is now officially infiltrated with senseless memes and image spamming, in the thousands every week, as well as paranoia fueled garbage "news".


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  2. 32 minutes ago, Swampfox762 said:

    You are seriously off the deep end my man.  Hate?  "Filled with Hate"?

    Ok bro...you got a problem.  People on this board have seen, within a few months...a real change in you.  Now ya talkin bout me postin mems filled with Hate?

    Ok man...I'll just stop talkin to ya.  I don't want to upset your fragile mindset, any more than it is.




    Well lets see what YOU wrote about YOURSELF just this summer:






    Your sentiment shows all the time, just like that. You are mad at the current state to the point that nothing truly positive comes from you. But please, link any current threads that you started where you talk about hobbies, guns, reloading, the good things in life.



  3. Also, Twitter is not a private company at all, they are a public company, traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Feel free to buy a bunch of stocks, join the annual meetings of stockholders, and vote on certain topics. That would be much more productive than posting the same ol crap.

    PS: thats what the left has been doing for 2 decades. They are active in every aspect, while the right tends to sit on their asses, biggering online about the outcome of the inactivity. 

  4. 23 minutes ago, tous said:

    I don't  mean to be harsh, amigo, but ....

    Twitter is a private company.

    It is not a government.

    What part of, "Congress shall make no law ...." do you not understand?

    Unless Congress passes a law or a court rules that Twitter is a public utility, the government, state or federal, can do little about  how they run their business.


    Anti trust laws have failed us (or are not in place to begin with). By this time they are not private companies anymore, they have long established semi monopolies and act as propaganda outlets for the left and the deep state.

    That being said, the train long left the station. Complaining about the current state will not make any change for us. Twitter being a left wing craphole that censors us has been known for at least 5 years now.

    Any of you using Rumble to connect and arrange protests? Didn't think so.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Schmidt Meister said:

    I've seen quite a few memes that gave me a good laugh. Of course, maybe you don't have much of a sense of humor ....

    Correct. They give YOU a good laugh.

    I'm not talking about you or me. I'm talking about the future of TBS and how new members perceive us. At this point we have no new members and only old members not coming back! If we keep doing what we have been doing lately, TBS will die.

  6. 11 minutes ago, Schmidt Meister said:

    My call is not to let you dictate what I do. And as far as I can tell from your rant, if I don't post the things you want posted and comment on the threads you want promoted you're gonna get all piss-mouthed.

    I'm not stopping ANYBODY from coming on this platform by posting what I post.

    And me posting memes won't stop those that want to talk about guns from going to the gun thread. Maybe the gun thread is dying because you're killing it by mandating what people say on this platform.

    How will me not posting memes attract more people to the platform?

    Do what you gotta do.

    Let it go man.




    I don't care what you do buddy. I write my opinion, if you like it or not.

    Spamming senseless crap and memes is a prime example why forums die, and why most forum owners don't allow it. I ran my own forum for many years, with up to 6,000 active members on the day. I was mod and admin on a bunch as well as chat rooms. The new member stats confirms 100% where we are heading.

    On top of that, Eric has his own things going on as he stated. If we don't make this as BETTER place, the outcome is written in stone. When the vast majority of posts is low quality copy & paste crap, or most posts are politically motivated hate, there is no turning around!

  7. Also, what was the last time any of you saw a ******* meme and thought, hmm... they are right... I'm going to change my mind!

    And why would you even remotely expect that some random left wing visitor is willing to read these endless meme threads on TBS and change their mind?

    Most of these memes are hateful and repulsive to anybody who objects to the message. NOBODY will change their mind when they get kicked in the ball sack first thing. That's psychology first semester. Heck that's common sense!

    Nothing positive comes from memes.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Swampfox762 said:

    If I say one thing, or post 1 meme, that makes a person rethink, or god forbid, actually Change their thought line....I am a happy man.  With your thinking...Why even "Preach"  Christianity then Crockett?  One person...saying or doing One thing...can change a lot my man.  The TBS is a "Community", of like minded people.  The owner is one.  If ONE guest comes on TBS, and reads something You or I post, and it "dings their Bell".  

    Possibly,  you said something about your Van Solar system that just really flippped someone out!!!  Possibly...my stupid memes...might have helped a young family, THINK about giving their 5 year old kid the Jab.

    "Perspective" Grasshopper.  You need to watch "The Butterfly Effect".


    Name me just ONE member here on TBS that doesn't already agree with everything being said on this thread!

    What part of echo chamber don't you understand?!

    You don't post these memes in this thread because you believe to do any good, you post them because you are filled with hate.

    You also don't care about TBS or that we don't attract any new members with this moronic and repetitive crap. You care about your addiction to spam the same crap every ******* day.

  9. 19 minutes ago, Schmidt Meister said:

    That's pathetic dude. I'm talking about fighting amongst ourselves. Not 'fighting' as discussing it on a blog. 

    You do you and I'll do me. I could go hunt up some of the 'moronic, low IQ' meme's you've posted but I'm not gonna waste the time right now.

    I'm ready to let this die. 

    I don't post on threads I don't like.


    The ratio of memes I used to post in the past, compared to my long written posts and threads on neutral / positive topics will easily stand the test against your ratio and most others that keep expressing themselves with images done by others and repeating the same politically motivated hate. But feel free to do the stats to back up your claim.

    This has nothing to do with posting on threads I don't like! If TBS keeps going this course, absolutely no new members will join, and not counting some 5 people spamming the same memes, hate and rants, those remaining few will drop out without saying a word. I can name you a bunch of people that joined from GT and don't show up anymore!

    TBS had a good chance to become the new GlockTalk. And while this is obviously not my forum, I try to save it from being dead within a couple years.


    I watched the new member box on TBS since 2018. At this point you have way more old members not coming back than new members signing up. Between the last 2 new members we had 6 weeks of NOBODY signing up!

    So do you care more about yourself and what you want to post, or do want to keep TBS around and possibly grow it, so that we can have a FUN place at some point?! A place where at least the majority of posts has a positive or creative touch to it. A place where people actually talk about guns again. A place where people start meeting in real life again, the way it used to be on GlockTalk!

    Your call.

  10. 20 minutes ago, GT4494 said:

    Yep!!  What ever happened to the "Gun" forums?  I learned a lot from them.


    The left succeeded by making them the topic number one on every aspect there is. The right doesn't think independently anymore, they don't come up with new solutions or ideas. Everything is just reactive hate.

    I have been trying to steer the mood away from that useless hate and the endless rants, to topics that are actually worthwhile, but too many are obsessed with the negativity, to the point that they don't even understand that they don't do anything productive anymore. Nothing that is being said here on TBS makes a dent in the politically defined issues.

  11. 6 minutes ago, Schmidt Meister said:

    Where in my comment did you see the word "fighting?" Don't put words in my mouth. And you don't know what impact what we say has, especially since this is not the only place I comment and those who see what we post will share some of it where they go. Basically the rest of your comment is what I would expect from someone who is too lazy to do what it takes to spread the word. Yes, they have me "right where they want" me ... what a moronic comment.  Who is divided and conflicted? You !! I belong to several platforms that either hate that I'm there or argue the points with me.


    And what is this?





    I don't care about other platforms, I'm talking about TBS. By this time its not about guns anymore, and not counting a few posts on other topics, this forum has been turned into a political landfill with THE most repetitive bullshit I have seen yet.

  12. 6 minutes ago, tous said:

    You two stop it or I'm telling Mom.




    At this point there's not much to lose here anymore.

    Look at the topics. The majority range from completely moronic low IQ memes, to news on pedos (thats the current keyword TBS is known for to google (posted this yesterday), to hateful and repetitive rants on the same ****, every ******* day.

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  13. 1 hour ago, Swampfox762 said:

    Why do you keep reading **** that upsets you?

    Just stay out of threads you don't like instead of bitchin about em?  

    In case you live in a cave...which I wonder bout you. sometimes...COVID IS The topic of the WORLD!!!  The reason people are talking and FIGHTING and DYING to Speak AGAINST the friggin "Mandates" in  streets all over the world is because if you don't SPEAK UP and FIGHT the left, and the new world order my friend...then the left Has won. 

    As long as I have a Breath in my body...I will fight the purposeful destruction of America, and what they are doing to it, every place I can find a format that will allow me.  Sorry bud...Covid will be a topic for many more years of your lifetime.  It was designed to Kill America.  That alone should make you pay attention.

    Go to the beach Crockett...I think TBS is doing you more harm With all the topics you don't like. 

    BTW...That's cool as hell about that Solar panel on your van running EVERY THING in your van AND recharging completely Every DAY!!


    As I just wrote. You are not fighting ANYTHING here on TBS. You are talking to an echo chamber. You are wasting your last breath.

    Also, posting memes is pretty much the lowest level of doing ANYTHING productive. Dumb kids communicate with memes because they can't communicate an opinion in any other way, let alone a meaningful thought.

    You don't fight anything around here. Your posts are full with hate and rants.

    PS: feel free to post a photo of you standing on the streets protesting mandates. I'll be waiting here.

  14. 13 minutes ago, Schmidt Meister said:

    How is keeping up with and fighting against the vax and the mandates keeping me locked down? I live in the freest state in the US and I go where I want and do what I want with virtually no interference by the mandate gurus and their ilk. And I will never understand how you think being well read and involved gives the left power ... it puts me in a more powerful position if I know what the enemy is doing. Ignorance may be bliss if your goal is to be a blissful moron sheep.


    How does ranting and posting memes in an echo chamber related to fighting? Nothing you post here will make a change in any federal, state or local instance. Heck, you don't even reach those who support mandates. And not much new is happening. Everything that has been posted here in the last few months had been known and around before. You are exhausting yourself by reacting to the crap the left comes up with. They have you 100% where they want you. Divided and conflicted. If you don't agree with mandates, vaccination, etc - just like me - just don't comply and move on. If you really want to fight this, you need to find a platform that is not already on your side.

  15. 4 hours ago, jmohme said:

    Phone cameras have gotten extremely good.

    I assume the HDR effect was done in camera/phone.

    I used the night mode. It takes several photos within 7 seconds and software overlays them while removing any movement.

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  16. Why is covid still a topic to begin with. You either wear a mask and / or get the jab, or you don't. By keeping this topic alive and reading up on all this bullshit you just keep yourself locked down, all while giving the left the power it tries to gain.

  17. On 12/5/2021 at 6:17 AM, DAKA said:


    I read this recently ...don't remember where, and thought I'd share it

    A couple of points: 1) Wind and solar are unreliable and intermittent.  Every megawatt from those sources require fossil fuel backup. 2) China controls 90% of the rare earth element supply needed for wind turbines and solar panels. It's not a good idea for any nation to have their energy infrastructure dependent on China. If we were serious about the effects of “climate change,” which humans cannot control, we would be addressing  the effects. For example, we would be building sea walls and higher levees to handle storm surges and flooding. We would be building desalinization plants and extra water storage in drought-prone areas. We would be strengthening our power grid to handle higher loads and reserve power. And we would be making sure we have enough power to meet all our needs regardless of the weather or time of day. We would not be spending nearly a half-million dollars for certain illegal aliens (criminals). We should not be telling people to use less power at times when they need it the most. What are we, some third world nation that can't even supply a basic need to its people?


    The equivalent to those suggested measures would be:

    - The Feds don't have enough budget = lets print more money

    - I can't afford that big fat TV right now = lets buy it on credit card

    - I keep having cavities in my teeth = I pay the dentist to fix them instead of quitting candy

    - I want my products to be as cheap as possible, so I buy tools at Harbor Freight etc = manufacturers relocated our working midden class to china


    The reason why the US is in deep waters on many levels these days is called depletion. When you take more out of any system than it can sustain over time, you will run right into disaster one day, and we will be that 3rd world country.

    There are too many human beings on this small plant in order to sustain our resources, no matter where they come from. Only a fool would think that they are limitless or no issue for the foreseeable future.


    Also, several of those claims in your text are false, intentionally vague, without any sources and unrelated as well. I won't take any of those apart, because you can't argue a (false) believe system. In your mind, you are right, and you will only see what you want to see. This form of idealism is the same brittle and dangerous concept the left uses, when they feel that their ways are better than "ours".


    PS: just an example: that 465 watt solar panel on my minivan now recharged my Lithium battery EVERY SINGLE DAY - FULLY - for the past 3 months and covers EVERY power consumption I have, ranging from the fridge that runs 24/7, 1500 watt induction cooktop, TV, ROKU, Switch gaming system, sound bar, 4 cabin fans, several LED lights, battery management system, water pump, several electronics like water tank gauge, head unit, subwoofer amp, etc.

    This is 100% reliable and NOT intermittent as you stated. It does not need any fossil fuel backup either.

    The solar panel is US made, not in China

    This system can be scaled up to run an entire home, including an electric vehicle - off the grid. See Tesla power walls.





  18. 38 minutes ago, tous said:

    When replacing the strut and trigger return springs on GP-100 type revolvers, be sure to test the new strut spring with a variety of ammunition .  Ideally, hand load some samples with Federal, Winchester and CCI primers to make sure that the new spring has enough whack to reliably ignite the cartridge.

    Rapidly cycle the pistol double-action to make sure that the lighter trigger return spring operates as expected.

    I agree with everyone that states that the SP-101 trigger is terrible.



    I only own and use CCI primers, sit on a life time supply, so that will never change. CCI cups are known for being harder, I will find out soon enough what spring still works. That being said, I bet 9 pounds will do it. I'll also polish the entire trigger mechanism which will add some striking power.

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