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  1. The Banana car. It's home is in Kalamazoo and you can pay a few bucks for a ride around town.
  2. I'm probably the youngest non-amish person(in the 48 states) to have grown up the way I did.
  3. And the only surviving Dreadnought.
  4. By most accounts it's a very good whitefish. And they don't need to farm it. The bastards are taking over everything. I really hope McDonalds starts using it in their fish sandwiches.
  5. My grandparents went both ways. My grandma was healthy and active until the morning she didn't wake up. My grandpa on the other hand. had a few strokes and lingered in an adult foster home not knowing who anyone was for 5 years. Grandma was a giant shock. Like boom. Gone. But we all pretty much figured out that hey. I wanna go like that. It still sucked but hey. My grandpa on the other hand, when he finally did, it was a relief. Like thank god he finally physically died. he had been mentally gone for years. On the other side of the family, my great grandma had alzheimer's the entire time I knew her. From earliest memories when I was 3-4 till she passed when I was 9. Not a way I would want to go. No one was overly sad at the funeral since her mind had been gone. For me, 100% rather have the drop dead. It sucks, but you knew they didn't suffer.
  6. Or if you want to watch the US version of the video
  7. He treats objects like women..
  8. Funny this comes up. A good friend of mine who was is a pastor just left his church after going to a regional retreat type thing for pastors and upper church leadership. He was so disgusted about the fighting over minor differences in theology that he lost all faith. He moved on to another religion that just went with the basics. Treat your fellow man well.
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