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  1. Or if you want to watch the US version of the video
  2. He treats objects like women..
  3. Funny this comes up. A good friend of mine who was is a pastor just left his church after going to a regional retreat type thing for pastors and upper church leadership. He was so disgusted about the fighting over minor differences in theology that he lost all faith. He moved on to another religion that just went with the basics. Treat your fellow man well.
  4. I'm not saying any religion is wired at birth, just the ability to believe.
  5. For me, I've never been able to get religion. Read the bible, went to a dozen different churches with extended family etc, Just never was able to suspend my natural disbelief enough to accept it. Others I grew up with fully had faith with the same upbringing. Is it something wired into our brains at birth? Please don't use the bible to prove the bible. Just looking for ideas and experience.
  6. No worries! I'm of the non-religious type. Read the bible cover to cover on my own as a kid and never really got it on a religious level. The lessons of being good to your fellow man yes. But never was able to suspend my disbelieve(not of religion) enough to have faith in the miracles.
  7. I was just answering the question.
  8. According to a catholic priest friend of mine, his income is taxable.
  9. They will be at the Meijer Gardens in GR in August, tickets are availible for 58 each with fees.
  10. You will probably love The Dead South.
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