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    Police officer, hopefully not for much longer. Please God let me retire soon.

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  1. I can tell the vets around here because the thought of eating bugs doesn't even bother you.
  2. Me and my two little dogs will be running away. I might even lay down retreating fire.
  3. In order to keep him alive, you subjected him to extreme pain. There is a certain irony to that, and I'm okay with that.
  4. Ick! No, that is not normal.
  5. Good grief! Everything you ate for the week afterwards would have tasted spicy. You pretty much set off the pepper spray nuke. My eyes burn just thinking about it.
  6. After slightly peeing in my pants, I would be asking for the fire department for backup.
  7. The guards would be better off working at McDonald's. That's why I've never had much faith in prison guards (no offense)
  8. What you propose will never actually happen in this woke world. We're pretty much screwed.
  9. I don't really disagree with you, but perhaps you should calm down a little bit?
  10. Was alcohol involved in this flurry of posts?
  11. Good lord, now when I next report to work I need to be on the lookout for tiny monkeys with backpacks full of heroin. My coworkers are going to throw me in the loonie bin.
  12. You're asking if the Mexican Police employ monkeys? I know Police hiring standards are slipping, but not THAT much. Wait, that would mean the cartel employs monkeys? Damn...
  13. Too close for missiles, switching to guns....
  14. Meh, It is just a spider monkey. Smaller that an average house cat. People dress them up like little people.
  15. Seriously??? They are wearing face masks still?? I would think a wild bull would negate the point of a face mask. Sheesh....
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