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  1. This is my new fun item to play with. I've been shooting it and a Ruger New Model Blackhawk, both in 45 Colt, on the steel range lately. 255 grain Keith SWC at 900 fps really rocks the plates...
  2. Nope-I dig girls in all their crazy variations. Hopelessly hetero, I guess-a few of them have really screwed me over one way or another.
  3. Enola Gay is on display at Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy center in Dulles VA. Along with a lot of other cool stuff.
  4. Above are my two favorites, fortunate enough to have one of each.
  5. Cape Hatteras, NC Watkins Glen, NY FLA Keys too many to choose from, love them all
  6. This thread just answered the eternally critical question: What's for lunch?-Now if only there was some wimmens here to make the sammiches...
  7. PP chunky with strawberry jam, on whole wheat. Yes.
  8. Who's Oeter Pan? Whomever he is, ask him to send some chunky over, post haste
  9. Looking at a field full of them here in W VA=one of the treats of summer.
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