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  1. The kayak camp is on the Blanco river in central TX about 200 feet from the first drop into the narrows. The motorcycle set up was in Idaho just outside Mountian Home.
  2. Sounds like you found a good body shop. Glad it worked out well.
  3. Chert I guess since limestone is everywhere here too. I just smack two rocks together and try a piece, if it makes sparks with my striker I use it, if not I try a different rocks until the sparks fly. I seldom have to break more than 2 rocks. That chert is everywhere.
  4. But it was some kind of fun for a short time wasn't it?
  5. Does it matter if they are that hot and that crazy?
  6. It is as much a curse as it is a gift.
  7. Is there a suck starting chart? I think that girl was trying to set a record.
  8. if you can't find one just remove the rest of the stripe from that side. You can only see one side of a vehicle at a time.
  9. Maybe there were no jumper cables and she was trying to start the engine by applying negative pressure to the exhaust pipe.
  10. Interesting, I prefer not to change the serrated trigger, and to do the 5000 round trigger job though it costs a little more than a quarter, but I like your choice of sights.
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