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  1. You and me both! They've never given me an ounce of trouble, and I've never cleaned them. Maybe I should. Now the 10/22 mags from Butler Creek have been nothing BUT problems. I've got two of them and I may just use them for target practice.
  2. Nothing but positive experience from CDNN. I've ordered guns, parts and mags. Never had to return anything though.
  3. What a low-life dirtbag. Taking advantage of people when they're already at their absolute lowest.
  4. Why anyone in their right mind would want to spend ANY amount of time and money in that country is beyond me. The people and the country are beautiful, but the crime and corruption are overwhelming. We used to love Puerto Vallarta, but won't be returning anytime soon.
  5. I love spicy foods, but I've seen grown men break out in a sweat and cry simply by putting a single drop of that stuff on their tongues. No thank you.
  6. That's sucks. He was a great actor. I loved his intensity.
  7. Getting up to the mid to upper 90's here in Southeast Wisconsin with Heat Indexes exceeding 100. We're not used that heat and humidity here. I may be spending those days in the reloading room a.k.a the basement.
  8. Reading the book. Disgusting, but not surprising, at the lengths the Soviets went through to cover this up and blame western media for exaggerating the incident. A lot of brave hero's died horrific, protracted deaths.
  9. Bought a couple boxes of 110gr Critical Defense (Not +P) and shot them at the range today. I'm sold. While recoil is still noticeable in my 637 Airweight J-Frame, it's MUCH more tolerable than the 135 +P Gold Dots. Follow up shots were a breeze and I was able to finally achieve center-mass rapid fire shots at 10 yards. They may not be Thor's Hammer, but they're accurate and easier to shoot than the 135's.
  10. Bought a crap-ton of 22lr to feed this beast. Probably have around 30,000 rounds of CCI, Aguila and SK ammo. I'm set for about 20 years.
  11. Wishoot

    Good Rx?

    The Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) business is the biggest shell-game in the health insurance business. I've been in the health insurance business for 30 years and I'm still amazed that these crooks aren't in prison.
  12. Just a matter of time before little old ladies will be driving those down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
  13. Thinking about that one, but I rally want something in a snub nose 6-shot flavor (preferably not an LCR). Not a ton of options out there though.
  14. Never owned one. Don't have one now. Can't recall ever even shooting one. Don't have the bullets, casings or dies to reload them either. Yet, there's something very attractive about a 6-shot J-Frame size revolver though. Thought's? Opinions? Musings?
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