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  1. WGaS what color, gender, sexual orientation the latest White House official liar/press secretary is?
  2. I'm... not going there.
  3. Not during this formula shortage!
  4. They've been lying to us since I was born, and that's a long, long time ago...
  5. the only people who are going to buy that shite are virtue-signaling libtards who will buy it and leave it unread on their coffee tables for the next decade.
  6. I’ve got two 7 acre fields to do, so its big enough I won’t worry about losing the turn, and too small to bother doing it with a real tiller, which I’d have to widen the access road for anyway (way too much work). Sometimes we lease them to whatever farmer is leasing the adjacent 200 acres, and they use his access road to get to us. But I haven’t got a contract this year, so it’s just fallow this year probably. I don’t till my veggie gardens as a rule, those just get broadforked. I’m not energetic enough to be double digging with a shovel except the years I’m harvesting potatoes there…
  7. Yep. We have a list of the attachments we'll need, and the order of importance in acquiring them. The front end loader was first on the list. They do make a backhoe for this one, but I think we need the tiller more... we will see...
  8. Animals are vaxed when there are real studies with real evidence showing that the vax will really prevent each species from getting the disease. This... isn't that.
  9. I dropped Netflix for their stupid woks shite ages ago. I'm not coming back.
  10. I'm never sure if I should click on these threads or not...
  11. Well, all of us told them to go pound sand and keep their dang shots (we had the 'rona the month before the vax was available here anyway). Be interesting to see what happens with blood transfusions over the next few years...
  12. Prep was awful. I just cannot drink that much of anything. And I wasn't hungry for days afterward. Not looking forward to doing that again. At least I never get past 93 counting backwards from 100 when they start doping me up.
  13. I can't imagine trying to deal with a moose. I maxed out at parting up an elk.
  14. I will never again attempt to lift a deer into the back of the truck myself... (it never worked). The front end loader can do it for me!!!
  15. My neighbor has one of those! He was over here with it yesterday... and when we realized exactly how many more projects we have to do besides the one he was doing for us., and how much faster they would go if we did them with the front end loader instead of shovels and the danged garden cart (especially with the garden tractor down for the count so unavailable to pull it).. well...
  16. A real one! With the front end loader I need! The husband thinks it's his. ROFLMAO. He goes to work in town. I'M GONNA DRIVE IT EVERYWHERE!!!! (pics next week!)
  17. Well, if I'm paying for my daughters' weddings, we're not inviting anyone's business clients. That just seems like a tacky attempt to get more gifts. The only people invited will be ones who know the couple getting married personally, or are blood relatives it would cause a problem with to NOT invite.
  18. Tragic. Perhaps they should have thought through the potential need for live ammo due to this before they held unarmed training exercises in that area... This wasn't a Black Swan event- bear attacks are not an unknown occurrence up there.
  19. Yeah, it has been pointed out to me that I get a much better view of the whole thing on the tv than I would in person. And I can drink mint juleps with my feet propped up in front of the tv if I want...
  20. That was a hell of a race though. I always wanted to see it in person when I was younger, but I can't stand crowds anymore, so I don't think that will ever happen.
  21. Shut up and eat your Soylent Green like a good sheeple.
  22. I'm just stealing the tune to rewrite the entire song about a different topic entirely.
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