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  1. I don't know whether to laugh or cry that they thought it necessary to say this...
  2. ROFLMAO. Mine said I should be a Forester or a Priest (ess?) - but only because Hermit On A Mountaintop was not on the list of options.
  3. "Trending" is "hey, this is the new stupid!"
  4. Except my iWatch. It keeps exact time, plays music, lets me read text messages and answer the stupid phone. And it counts how many steps I take every day and whines at me if I sit down too long. And while not ugly exactly, it's not pretty enough to be jewelry.
  5. I hate when people eat in my truck. Well, to be specific, when OTHER people eat in my truck. They drop their dang fries between the seats, on the floor, spill stuff and stain the upholstery and they leave the trash in my truck. I, on the other hand, manage to eat without making a mess and throw out the bag when I'm done. I don't know who raised these children to be such slobs...
  6. So, how many rapes is Biden happy to tolerate in the name of tolerating the mentally ill, sexuallly confused dipshits his party has created?
  7. I'm wondering why they needed a key. The shooter got in without one.
  8. Anyone who has done any research at all knows EVs are worse for the environment than gas and diesel powered.
  9. I wonder if that has anything to do with the allowable lift weights for the deliverymen. I know we weren't allowed to pack boxes heavier than 55# for Fedex or UPS when I was shipping books, because the deliverymen weren't supposed to lift anything heavier than that (they said).
  10. Oh, I can do that! As long as MG has no "papers, please" rule for their concerts.
  11. He's a vile excuse for a community destroyer.... who never lets a crisis, or a tragedy, go to waste...
  12. I recognized too many of those! INVENT SOME NEW ONES! (Thanks for the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash - I'll be annoying my kids with their music for the rest of the day).
  13. After yesterday's text messages read by Rottenborn at the Depp/Heard trial... I vote that THRASHING MACKEREL would be the most fabulous band name. In second place would be the name by which everyone in this house has been referring to our imploding church leadership... "King John and the Elder Mafia" Give me more!
  14. Apparently, my youngest daughter thinks WGaS about doing her Geometry so close to the end of school… forever. Sigh.
  15. Can't do it in the winter - wouldn't have the fresh asparagus and rhubarb - those would turn to mush in the soup if I used frozen. And it really wasn't a heavy soup since there wasn't any cream... now the asparagus/potato soup with the cream base - yeah, I eat a bowl of that for breakfast (don't judge me!) and I don't need to eat again until tomorrow.
  16. Monty Python has been showing up everywhere in my life this week, but "Loretta" takes the cake for satire becoming reality, 40+ years later...
  17. Maybe they need a Holy Hand Grenade thrown their way?
  18. I didn't feel like eating leftovers, so I went out in the garden and picked asparagus, rhubarb, leeks, and oregano, plus garlic and purple potatoes from the basement storage, and with chicken stock I made last week... I tried this fabulous (and easy) recipe... which is wonderful because every single bite tastes different from the last! And all the bites are good! https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/spring-essence-soup-with-pistou/
  19. I stole "his" tractor. And he had to buy more guns because I adopted some of his. And now he's buying more tools to make another fly rod... this one for me. So... I'm only worth it if I get the logs, hay and dirt moved with the tractor, whack a rat with antlers this fall, and actually manage to catch some trout instead of spending all day standing in the river waving around a rod with no fly on the line 'cause the fish stole it and I couldn't be bothered to put another one on... roflmao...
  20. My husband says I've cost him a hell of a lot more than that
  21. yeah, WGaS about anything said on that show?
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