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  1. when half a church leaves because the pastor has turned it into a cult of vile manipulation and spiritual abuse (at best)... then that pastor calls all the local churches within 25 miles of his cult.. to warn them not to accept any of those former members of his - the unChristian people who believe everything in the Apostles and Nicene Creeds... but refused to submit to him violating the church's own constitution and doctrine. (Apparently it wasn't enough to tell the people who are still members that they should hate us, spit on us (literally in some cases), turn and walk the other way when they saw us anywhere, etc). Remember those Psalms that no one reads and everyone cringes at - the angry ones where David is praying for violent deaths for his enemies and their wives and their children and their sheep and their cattle and just wanting them wiped from the face of the earth? Yeah. I have a much better understanding why he'd pray for stuff like that. I'm not to that point. But a well-aimed lightning bolt from the Heavens would seem appropriate right about now... Rant/off, thanks.
  2. So, apparently, they put Maxwell on suicide watch without any input from a shrink, her lawyer just visited her and says she is not at all suicidal and he going to complain tomorrow about this... I'm thinking tomorrow gonna be too late. I'll take discovery of the body at 3:20AM tonight. And then they'll deep six her diaries, etc., and once again, the Clinton Crime Family and all their moneyed "friends" will walk away scot free. No place in hell hot enough for this.
  3. You should maybe check your flour, cornmeal, and rice, too...
  4. Who's running a pool on how long before this one is discovered hanged with the cameras off and the guards on a coffee break?
  5. The only single shot anything in use around here right now is Grandpa's old 20 gauge. It is the raccoon whacker.
  6. Some people are just too stupid for words.
  7. Well now I'm going to have to find the complete version and read it, because my copy was the edited version.
  8. Yep. And there are a bunch of people who are stupid even before they start toking up on a daily basis. I swear they all drive in Michigan.
  9. We all know why they're stockpiling, and making it hard for citizens to afford ammo...
  10. Neat pics! I wish we'd had a camera available when my husband blew apart my baby Glock (also with factory ammo, not re-loads!). Blew the mag out the bottom and destroyed some of the innards, he'll remember what, but I don't. (Glock fixed it). No one was injured - his hands just hurt for a good bit and it took him a minute before he could get his fingers to work for let go of the gun.
  11. I hate the ads. I like the raffles better. No one around here lets me buy a lottery ticket unless the pot is over half a billion dollars, so this satisfies my urge to gamble, and I can pretend my motivations are purely to do some good. Now they are all laughing at me for thinking I fool any of them with my pure motivations... jerks.
  12. Who the heck kisses live chickens? I HAVE chickens. Yes, it's amusing to carry one around on my fist like it thinks it's a falcon when I need to get it from whatever dumb place it has perched to its REAL roost for the night in its coop. But I don't play with my food and I certainly don't kiss it while it's alive.
  13. Never EVER apologize to the mob. It won't stop them. Look what they do to their own, like what they did to Mercedes Lackey a couple weeks ago...
  14. I like it. The asteroid can't come soon enough.
  15. My stove is three years old, propane, and the knobs are on the front. Fortunately, my kids know how to use them correctly.
  16. Sooooooo tired of the insanity.
  17. because you know someone will take it as a challenge to eff it up more than it already is...
  18. That... wouldn't actually surprise me. Personally, I've suspected for some time that the lead pastor has a problem with porn if nothing else. He has set up an environment in which women are responsible for men sinning because , since they don't dress modestly enough to keep him from sinning, and he's so perfect it can't possibly be his fault... it must be the women who are to blame...and that never ends well. The "elders" doubled down on their venal stupidity last night. Well, they've doubled down on their hypocrisy and lies at every opportunity they were given to repent and change their ways, so I shouldn't have been surprised at all. The associate pastor wanted to resign, they told him they'd pay him for the month of vacation he had accrued, plus two months severance, but he had to sign a non-compete (!!!?) clause that said he would NEVER pastor a church within 30 miles of their cult. And they told him if he didn't resign, they would fire him. He walked out. He has been the ONLY honest, upright person throughout ALL of this. He went home, then sent them an email saying he is resigning without the severance pkg to avoid the non-compete clause which would violate his conscience to sign. You cannot claim to be remotely Christian if you are barring a pastor from pastoring another church willing to have him. The hypocrisy is overwhelming. How on earth do you justify depriving other Christians of pastoral care just because he doesn't agree that women teaching 13 year old boys about the Bible is a sin? He has already told everyone who revoked their memberships in the cult that now is NOT the time to start a new church because anger and bitterness would poison it from the start, and he wouldn't pastor a new church plant right now for that reason. He COULD have - there are enough people with enough money who have left the cult that we could swing buying the defunct UMC church that's for sale at the other end of town, and hire him as pastor. We checked out the finances involved to see if that would work. But once again, he's doing the right thing... and the cult is doing him wrong. It's disgusting. Their ends justify in their minds whatever means necessary to achieve them, no matter how unethical, immoral, or sinful. You know they'll think nothing of covering up sexual abuse to "save" their cult. Soooo... then they contacted him again to tell him he should re-think signing the non-compete clause because it would be "less damaging to the 'church'" if he did. As if. Their lies and manipulations have done all the damage, but they'll never take responsibility for any of it. I want to be a hermit on a mountaintop again.
  19. There is that freaky experiment some professor in Boston is doing, where he hooks electrodes up to someone's brain, and zaps it from another room... and more than half the people so zapped are then absolutely certain that there is another presence (a spiritual one, and there is no guarantee it's a good one although that seems to be the overwhelming majority's experience) in the room besides them. So the question becomes, "Whose brain cells are more likely to be excited by some input, which results in this certainty? And is the usual (non-experimental) input real (in the sense that their really is another presence and that is what the person is sensing) or is it just the byproduct of something else, and since it is either usually good or neutral in terms of survival, it's never been weeded out of the human genetic code?" I... don't know. I'm having an existential crisis this week, so I'm the last person to ask for a clue...
  20. If he is moving in with you, you may have to rent a truck where you are, drive it to CA and back home and then return it. Friend of a friend had to do that to get out of Cali.
  21. Bunch of churches losing their minds in both direction. We just revoked our membership in one that went crazy in the same direction as the loon in the original post... it starts with "Women can't teach boys 13 or older" and "Women can't teach men, " and "Women and their immodest clothing is to blame for men sinning..." Then the pastor decides he doesn't have to answer to the elders, and the elders decide they don't answer to the congregation, and half the congregation decides the other half that doesn't agree with any of this is evil and should be yanked up like "weeds" (Yeah, that's about the nicest thing we were called). Anyway, they made the church a very, very unsafe place to be a woman or a child. I give it two years before the first incident of sexual abuse occurs... but the pastor will cover it up like his idol (yes, I chose that word on purpose), John MacArthur, has done repeatedly, because doing anything else will damage his golden calf/cash cow.
  22. Who in hell thought that was a good idea?
  23. Screw that. I want to know when I get hired to do something, that I was hired because I was the best candidate, not because I checked a box for the dumbass gov't.
  24. When cars were pretty...
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