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  1. My husband needs to stop acquiring guns he intends the kids to inherit and go back to acquiring guns I want to shoot...
  2. This one is for my oldest daughter - she never finds her name on anything...
  3. I have a copy laying around here that I've been meaning to read all summer...
  4. I'd ask what kind of idiot thinks this is a legitimate use of the legal system...
  5. Not "migrants". Illegals. it irks me when MSM intentionally mislabels X to make it what or who they aren't. Like "transmen" and transwomen". They aren't. Jus stop it.
  6. Unless it has changed since the invention of cell phones and computer logs, a 10-36 is just a request for the correct time.
  7. My dad installed the ones in all our vehicles. I'd just be his hands now while he tells me what to do, lol. He's good at stuff like that.
  8. I just don't understand how ANYONE can think putting a mentally ill thirteen year old on puberty blockers and testosterone (or estrogen, for that matter) because they mistakenly think their brains belong in a body of the opposite gender from what they are, is anything other than blatant child abuse.
  9. I haven't had one since we sold the '79 Malibu. It might be time to put one in the truck. Just because I can.
  10. You know it's binary to divide people into binary/non-binary...
  11. All the notifications are turned off for every app on all my computer/phone stuff, except text messages on my phone. I have to keep that on so I remember to pick my kids up from work when are all sharing one vehicle to get everyone everywhere, lol. I couldn't stand being beeped at for every darn thing. And I know I wouldn't hear from my far-away relatives (Outside my husband and kids, I have no relatives in this state) if we weren't on FB together. I'd miss that- no one writes letters anymore, and I hate talking on the phone, so we'd just fall out of touch if it weren't for "social media". We are too far apart to manage to see each other for anything less than funerals at this point. I'd still miss hearing from a few of them (well, ok, I'd actually miss hearing from 5 of them, the other 20+- well we just provide each other with mild amusement on occasion, but that's it).
  12. They're going off the rails because they are spending 12 hours a day (school plus "after-care) in the company of their unsocialized age cohort, and with minimal interaction with adults who actually give a damn about them as individuals. Then they go home to parents who are either not there physically, or exhausted, or addicted to their damn phones and ignoring their kids, or to parents who are too drunk, stoned, or stupid, to give a hoot what their kids are doing. imho, ymmv
  13. I just bought another ban - this time for saying I was going to try to kidnap L, (one of my daughters), and bring her to a party on Sunday night. That's a violation of "Community Stick-Up-Yo-@$$-Standards" and "Inciting violence" and results in my not being "allowed" to post, or respond to other posts, in my feed or in my groups. And everything I do post after the "official ban" gets demoted for another month (like I care about that - I have a work-around for that Fleekbleaks!) How stupid is this? Also, I disputed it, but they claim they don't have enough reviewers to do all the work, so it probably will never get reviewed. If it weren't for finding out what the Rebel Church Crew is doing each week, and keeping in contact with my far-flung family, I'd chuck them in the trash. I wish the rest of them would go to ANY other social media site besides FreakBonk. I'd rather be anywhere but there...
  14. They can eff right off. They've never been interested in the good of students - they are a UNION - they aren't even that interested in the real good of the teachers that have to belong to the damn thing. They are interested in their radical agenda.
  15. I get the impression most of them are no better than pimps.
  16. Only my oldest daughter can do that - youngest daughter flat out refused, lol
  17. Michigan still requires parallel parking. My oldest daughter did it with the pickup truck. The examiner was impressed. Youngest daughter said screw that and did it with the Focus, lol.
  18. Well, at least it's cobwebs and dust and not flies, dead mice, and rodent droppings. I agreed to care for someone else's animals this week while he was on vacation... feed/water/let in and out the chickens and dog. I did it 4-5 years ago for the same person and it was cluttered and dirty then (and the cat was incontinent due to old age, it's dead now). It was the messiest kitchen I'd ever been in in my entire life at that point. I don't think it has been cleaned even once since them. This a grandfather raising a couple of his grandkids, alone for the last 8 years - the first year the grandmother was alive to help). CPS had an open case on them for the filth, tried to get them to clean up, tried to teach the kids to clean up (they are both teens now). They just... don't care. The case has been closed, because they just don't care. The mice have shredded the late grandmother(she'd be appalled)'s cookbooks, and paper towels, and stuff, all over the kitchen. And they've pooped everywhere. There is so much mouse poop on the floor, you can't see the floor in places. There are mouse traps (with dead mice in them) all over. There is fly paper covered with flies hanging over the kitchen island (and flies still flying). It's like they can't even grasp the concept that IF THEY DON'T CLEAN UP EVERYTHING THE MICE ARE EATING FIRST, THEY'LL NEVER GET THEM GONE. THE MICE CANNOT BE CAUGHT FAST ENOUGH IN THE TRAPS TO REDUCE THEIR POPULATION. You can hear them chewing everywhere in the walls. It's a health hazard. Hell, at some point, some mouse is going to chew through some wire somewhere and the whole house will go up in flames (it's a hundred+ year old farmhouse). I came home from there earlier and proceeded to clean everything in sight here at home in some weird psychological state of cleaning frenzy as a reaction. Ick.
  19. yeah. After the Marines mothballed their tanks, she started rethinking her plans, and the more she saw/heard about what's been going on the last couple years, the more she decided fixing some broke down harvester in the middle of a cornfield at 3AM would be a better job than having to keep her mouth shut and her head down about her decidedly NOT PC-opinions 24/7. I think we're all simultaneously disappointed and relieved that things turned out this way. Anyway, she's taken up scuba for entertainment, so now I can worry about that instead.
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