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  1. While I think he'd be a far better choice in terms of performance over any dem and most reps you could name, I am concerned about the never'Trump RINO crowd staying home and, with the usual dem dead voters/repeat voters/convicted felonious voter/other cheaters, the democretins winning.  There are still too many raving imbeciles who would vote for a demented puppet just because he isn't a Repub.


  2. If you still need a Yahoo account to send emails to, you can use mine.  Assuming that's the one in your records.  I don't even know how to see if that's the case.  It's been ages since I've gotten an email from here, but I think I did that (changed it from default).  Since I check in pretty regularly, I didn't feel like I needed emails.  

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  3. 22 hours ago, ChuteTheMall said:


    That's just fun.  There was a band? of Japanese Drummers that came thru here on tour about 15 years ago. I took my kids to see their daytime show at the university.  They talked about their training regimen afterwards, answering questions from the audience... it was insane... they ran 10K together as a group 5 days a week, lifted weights, and rehearsed.  Everything they did was about their drumming.  But then, an hour+ of drumming like they did would probably kill anyone out of shape from a heart attack.  I wish they'd come back through 'cause I'd go see them again.


  4. Yeah, that's what the doc tried to push at me when I got the 'rona last month while on vacation.  I very politely said, "This was a head cold last time.  It's likely to be a head cold again.  I'll just feel like crap for another day or two and be fine, statistically."  She admitted that was true.  And I was right.  I felt fine 3 days later except the stupid stuffed up head for a week.  So I went for a 5 mile hike that morning at 4-5000 feet (I live under 1000 above sea level), in 80-90F temps, and... then went fly fishing all afternoon.  And then... I gave it to my husband, who reacted in the stereotypical male-with-a-cold fashion... as if taking his darn temperature every two hours was going to cure him or something.  Yes, dear, you are running a fever.  it's a slight fever, barely 100F. Just take the NyQuil and lay back down in the tent and sleep it off.  Oh, yeah, and that meant I was the one up at 2AM with the gun trying to figure out what had just tripped over the tent lines (twice) and jarred me awake.  Stupid mule deer.  

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  5. I liked them enough to stay awake thru them, which is more than I can say for a lot of movies.  But the only movies I've watched more than once in the past decade or so have been old Thin Man movies, 13th Warrior (because my youngest daughter insists on watching it for her birthday every year, and I like it, too), and Murder on the Orient Express.  Oh, and Knives Out, because the husband wanted to watch it.  

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  6. 10 hours ago, railfancwb said:

    I am generally referring to people by their chromosomes - XX or XY. Would like to see that convention widely adopted but don’t expect it to be. It does remove “let’s pretend” from the discussion.

    And since when is sexual identity “assigned at birth”

    I'm about to start referring to everyone as "bat-**** crazy" (anyone of any gender who buys into this garbage, whether they are personally participating or just promoting it for others), and "marginally sane by comparison" (because I've come to the conclusion that everyone except me is at least a little bit OFF).

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