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  1. There is nothing in her remarks to indicate he was sleeping.
  2. Seems very clear now the dude was suffering from mental illness (duh!). And if in fact he was lying in bed at night screaming and moaning why the heck didn't the "girlfriend" do anything about it? Again, another instance where a deeply insane person was acting out and people closest to him did NOTHING. "The girlfriend of Las Vegas mass murderer Stephen Paddock told the FBI he had developed 'mental health symptoms' and would scream at night, it has emerged. Marilou Danley, 62, said Paddock, 64, 'would lie in bed, just moaning and screaming, "Oh my God,"' according to an ex-FBI official briefed on the situation." Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4955002/Friend-Las-Vegas-shooter-says-used-free-prostitutes.html#ixzz4ujSFymn3
  3. And here is something else that is ironic. This event halted the suppressor bill from making further progress. If the guy was running his rifles with suppressors, attempting to put 100 rounds through them like that, the suppressor would have heated and melted before he could put multiple mags through them. Re. stoppages...roger that. He was truly praying and spraying, but again, into a densely packed 22,000 people...sitting ducks.
  4. I read AMERICAN RIFLEMAN but I don't even read the other magazines I get: Smithsonian and National Geographic, at least, not cover to cover.
  5. "I'm fed up with multimillion "oppressed & offended by everything" folks."
  6. Based on everything I've read so far, he really thought through this carefully. He had his slide-fire rifles on bipods, it appears, and in that case they are much more controllable plus he no-doubt realized that from his vantage point, pumping as many rounds as possible into that densely packed crowd of 22,000 people, in a very confined space, was going to be devastating. He has his 100 rounds mags right there with him. I'm surprised he did not shoot more, given how well equipped, planned and barricaded he was. A friend of mine observed that a sniper overwatch at the venue could have ended the whole thing very quickly. Is this the next step in event security? Strategically placed snipers able to cover various possibilities?
  7. The issue is not "dumbing down" it is you saying idiotic remarks that reveal you know squat. But, hey, congratulations, you made my ignore list. Life is to short to put up with people like you.
  8. "semi-retarded 5.56 military round" ... "advantage of being 100 yards in the air" ... I'm pretty certain both those comments are idiotic.
  9. A discussion about ballistics on a FIREARMS DISCUSSION FORUM is "not disgusting." Take your pretentious virtue signalling somewhere else.
  10. As I said...he had a large number of AR-15s with bumpfire stocks and stacks of Surefire 60 or 100 round magazines. 5.56 was his caliber of choice. Your article just proved my point in spite of its many errors in fundamentals.
  11. Perhaps you should just avoid reading this thread if you find it so offensive or crass. That would be prudent.
  12. The other factor is the traumatic effect of the bullet splintering upon entering the body...something which the .223 Remington was designed to do. My point simply is that when the "experts" on gun forums declare the 5.56 round, all we have to do now is say, "Don't say that to any of the hundreds of people wounded by it in Las Vegas, not to mention the deaths."
  13. This is a GUN FORUM. There is nothing disrespectful or insensitive about discussing the ballistic property of the 5.56 and the devastation it caused at 400-500 yards during this incident.
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