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  1. I will just say that it’s PC garbage at work. It’s very, very unlikely that she passed the course, and that she has a paper tab. That is, that her failings were ignored, and she was awarded the tab on paper, but did not earn it.
  2. Wow, that’s a new one, and right there in the parking lot too. Parking lots are unusual these days, my brother straddled the yellow line while parking at Wal Mart. And some guy wrote a note and put it on his windshield, calling him an idiot. There must have been 100 open spots there. I think that the note revealed it’s writer as a spazzo anal retentive, more than it condemned my brother. 🐒Or maybe the guy is more of a monkey poo poo slinger, than most.🐵
  3. I think that it was sarcasm plus derision, and I think that you did the right thing. People have been raised, intentionally, to hate witty jibes. And they have been taught to be dull and obtuse. Perhaps one day I can be acute with one of those idiots. When they ask an invasive question, I could pull out a long handled swab, and ask to have a DNA sample.😀 You know, to see if he has been charged for any crimes. And, yeah, I could think of something better, but my patience is kaput. What I really want to do is bash em in their head.😼
  4. It sounds pretty good. Is that chocolate syrup?
  5. You are right, maybe I shouldn’t dig tooooo deep to find out why Cuba sandwiches so tasty. 🤫
  6. Look up in the right top corner.
  7. I had some guy knock on my door on Saturday with a petition, to make it legal for illegal aliens to vote. Nope, and does anyone have a working mind on the Left?
  8. I grabbed my S&W and practiced chambering a round, and it was easy, and the thing has a strong recoil spring. It’s an old Brinks gun and beat up, but it was easy to put a round in the chamber. I am not blaming the guards, but if you are going to carry a pistol, you should be good at using it. And if you are carrying satchels of money, you should know that there are people who will kill you to get it. Surrendering is never a good option, since you turn your life over to men that love money. Never surrender, and light them up. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. PS: loading the chamber of my .45 is so easy that it’s unreal. I have carried it cocked and locked, and that’s how I would carry it on a money truck, but still it’s easy to load up the chamber. The guards should have fought for their lives. They should have had a shotgun man, that whole scene was messy. I watched the video and the guard did what he could, but he never expected killers to be waiting on him, that was a fatal blunder.
  9. I had to look up some of the words, but yes the column is true.
  10. No, that was MJ, and hash was much worse, the blond and the red choked me pretty bad. And the black knocked my lights out. I smoked Turkish hash while I was in Germany. I think that the blond style nearly strangled me at times. It’s been over 40 years, and it’s hard to recall details.
  11. I always choked and gagged when I smoked that stuff, and then I would start laughing, and lose my buzz. It was not meant to be.
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