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  1. All six pocket knives phographed are of carbon steel. All of them have had a forced patina applied with hot, white vinegar. The USA knives are all manufactured by Case. In order: Sodbuster Trapper Canoe The European pocket knives are: Mercator K55K Opinel #8 Au Carbone Boker (Solingen) Canoe I have noticed that the European pocket knives had the most uniform patina, with the Opinel having the darkest, most uniform patina of all of them. Still, I find the variegation of the Case knives to be very attractive. Makes me wonder about the types of steel used in these knives. Tried to post these photos in another, similar forum, but mysteriously unable to.
  2. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/sitb/B01COJUEZ0?ref=sib_dp_aw_kd_udp Just received the hardcover version of “A Gentleman In Moscow” by Amor Towles for less than one dollar above the price of the downloadable Kindle version. I am glad that I opted for this version at an obvious bargain price. There is NOTHING like holding the actual publication in ink on paper in my hands. Digital medal can be so fickle. Here today, gone tomorrow if one’s electronic device of choice were to fail. I have been there. I will always prefer the hardcover edition of any book if available. Real books are a treasure.
  3. A good friend of mine has one of these on layaway. Looking for some good defensive ammunition suggestions. Hornady Critical Defense?
  4. I have enjoyed a couple of Chicago Dogs. Very good. But to me, there is nothing like a Detroit or Tulsa Coney with all it’s savory chile, cheese, mustard and diced (finely diced, almost shredded) onion perfection! Grilled onions are the best! Yum!
  5. Done. Prayers sent my brother. Have a preemie daughter born in 1986. Things were not then as they are now. She gave birth to my grandson in 2006. She is doing well.So is my grandson.
  6. I found out that Ike’s was closed for remodeling for a few weeks when my grandson and I went there for lunch this past Monday. We went to Umberto’s Pizza on 32nd and Harvard, instead. Fantastic New York-style pizza. You can get it by the slice.
  7. If you ever find yourself back in Tulsa, go to Umberto’s Pizza on Harvard, near 32nd Street. Excellent New York-style pizza. Pepperoni, Italian Sausage and Roma tomatoes is a great combination! I add anchovies, but that is just me. If ever in Muskogee, stop by Pisano’s. Get the Alpine. Thin crust with olive oil instead of pizza sauce. Any choice of toppings. You DON’T go there for the “atmosphere.” You go there for good pizza.
  8. Maybe now, but “back in the day” Onassis was the place to go.
  9. Despite the bragging as a former Cavalry Scout, a serious question about the armor capabilities of the USMC. One might say that Cavalry is Armor, but on a much smaller and mobile scale, with an organic component of Infantry (Scouts.) Hit hard and fast. Gather recon and inflict mayhem. Just wondered if the USMC had any similar formations. When I was in the Cav, we were OPFOR for our Division. Therefore, we became familiar with each other’s tactics. Army tactics. Would have been interesting to have experienced a realistic training exercise between USMC Armor, if such Regiments exist, and Army Cavalry. I think it would have been a great learning experience all the way around and would have benefited both services.
  10. I understand your sentiment if you were a Marine. I was a Cavalry Trooper (Scout.) Tenth Regiment (Buffalo Soldier Regiment). My love and loyalty is to my Nation (USA) Then to my U.S. Army Regiment Tenth Cavalry
  11. Yeah, I’ve been drinking! Love the Marines! Have greater love for The Cavalry
  12. Cavalry Regiments have always been considered a “cut above” regular Armored Regiments. Snobbish? Damned right, we Cavalry Troopers are a cut above and snobbish. Cavalry. Cavalry Scouts. Panzer Grenadiers. Combination of the best of Armor and Infantry. Hooah!
  13. I will pretend to agree. LOL! Love the USMC! Greatest American Patriots! If you didn’t serve in the Army Cavalry, at least you tried to do the right thing by being a Marine. Thank you for your ser vice
  14. I have no idea of how the Marines treat their Armor and Recon troops. In the U.S. Army Cavalry Regiments, Tankers and Scouts are considered elite soldiers. In the U.S. Cavalry Regiments, Scouts were the inheritors of tactics and tradiion from the old, German Panzer Grenadiers from WWII according to my Bundeswehr friends back in the Eighties. At least during my service as a Scout in the Eighties. I have never heard er eof any exercises between USMC Armor and the U. S. Army Cavalry There should be, if for no other reason than to keep each other sharp and ready.
  15. I also ate at Ike’s when it was on Admiral between Sheridan and Memorial. You know, on the North side of Admiral between the two loan sharks. LOL! Only those that have been there know what I mean. Damned good Chile Mac and Cheese.
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