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  1. I am high risk, so I've been vaxx.
  2. I watched YouTube on it last week. First time I've used in months.
  3. Congrats on surviving. I'm the last on my mom's side of the family to NOT have one. Hopefully I'll beat the trend!
  4. I have a REMO doorbell camera, runs on the doorbell power and works great. Took a bit to dial in, but come with free storage online and uses my WIFI to notify me and give me a preview and still rings the doorbell. My cameras are Blink. I have 5. Weather proof, and uses AA lithium batteries and has free 3-day rolling storage online. Full 1080p with about 140+ degree (?) coverage per camera. They can be run on USB power cords, but the batteries last 1.5 years, so I am staying with that so far. They are also paintable to match your exterior. Mine are hardly visible now. Limitation so far have been the WIFI and the heat/direct sunlight. I had to install a 2.4+ghz booster to reach all the cameras. (one story house, 2500sqf) cameras on all the corners. One camera in the back get the most direct sunlight, its the one that failed. Battery change did not help. Blink sent me a new one and it started to fail also but it was my fault this time. You must set the camera up closer to the base station, then move it to the farther location. It was the farthest camera and the only one that I had to do this with. After a day I played with the failed camera and it works again. So its a spare or pointed at the safe. Support has been good, battery life is spot on what they said.
  5. I have the rechargeable version and they work great. Plenty of guard lengths to choose from. I also could not get my wife to do it so I gave myself a crew cut. I’m balding and grey, less hair is a good thing.
  6. Congratulations! That is an impressive rise in the ranks.
  7. I went part time after we had our first child, I was 43. By age 50 I was real unhappy with work and could retire if we were careful. It worked out pretty well and after all my benefits kicked in at 56, things were excellent. I'm glad I got the time to be full time dad for all these year. Wife can retire now, money is not the issue, she just wants to work a little longer and maximize her retirement income. We've invested well and are financially set, with enough to pay for a top tier collage for our kid. I have a lot of hobbies, I've been very involved politically and have really enjoyed myself. Unfortunately my health has recently taken a turn, I have had a huge change in my abilities and future. If you can retire, do it and enjoy yourself. If you got nothing else to do, keep working, boredom will kill you.
  8. Very sorry hear this. Stay strong. You can’t control the actions of others. God bless.
  9. Thank you for your service. Enjoy yourself!
  10. As a retired commercial photographer who also shot a few hundred gigs of 1080p at the end, I had this issue when I converted to digital in 2000 and again when I retired in 2012. For my clients, I gave them the hard drives, cables and power supplies when I closed up shop. (those I could find) Smaller clients (weddings and family's) were given the CD-R and DVD's, I kept a backup on (3x) hard drives. Could not find more than half the clients, I will hang on to them indefinitely. (I had a bride contact me 10 years after the fact for pics of her mom at the wedding, she had died and they wanted all I had.) My personal stuff is on hard drives and SSD's. SSD's are shelf stable for a 50 years at least. Yes, My filing/labeling system is pretty good. Not perfect, but I can find anything in a few minutes to a an hour. I still have a decade's worth of 35mm and 120mm film, unscanned. I looked at some of it last year after 20+ years in storage (kept in an Air Con'ed room and air tight containers) and they held up very well. Most of that stuff is not worth a tinker's dam to anyone, but I keep it anyways. As technology progress I will address it in the future. I probably have a few hundred terabytes already and 2x that in unscanned film, so the cloud is not a serious option for long term storage. I do use private setting on facebook photo storage for any client who needs it right now. Seems to work. But no guarantee of privacy. All this is contingent on my memory holding out. I recently got diagnosed with TBI. (traumatic brain injury) So if I remember, I will stay abreast of new technologies and such.
  11. Love the beaver story! MY favorite hiking/camping spot in AZ is near Wet Beaver Creek, I never saw a beaver but one year we hiking in after being gone for 6 months and found a HUGE pond and a beaver dam near where the trail crossed the creek! Very cool! A long time before that, I picked up a very tolerant King Snake, who was very friendly for a few minutes, then he wasn't. He struck me in the chest while i was holding him, knocked the wind out of me! lt felt like a pool cue poke in the peck! Loved that place Reaper, thanks for making me remember!
  12. Great Dane, on a the forearm, the day of prom for the win. Holding my arm like it is broken, I look like an idiot in the prom photo. It was actually just swollen and blue. When I worked for a wildlife sanctuary I was bit twice on the top of my head by a baby chimpanzee. It hurt, a lot, and bled for far to long. Hurt like hell and left a scar.
  13. I completely disagree with you Eric! I loved it and found it a fitting tribute to the show and characters!
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