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  1. Is that one of your alter ego's Schmidt? Stock holder? Really crawled up a nerve on that one for some reason. If it is a place you go to learn about the world, that is fine, but my opinion of it isn't going to change. Get over it. I would venture that the tech companies have done quite well at influencing a lot of places, and just because they haven't, doesn't mean they cant, or wouldn't. Your favorite subject, the pandemic, is a prime example of the choke hold media has on the world.
  2. Glad I'm not the only one that finds this stuff over the top. Can't tell you how many stores I never walked in to because the Bed Bath and Beyond overwhelming smell hit me in the parking lot.
  3. Absolutely correct. Not a clue on the Commie planform. The people running it made Soros look like a Boy Scout. No use for it. I understand it is/was a place for high profile people to people, but most of them are not very squeaky either.
  4. If this cat is on Twitter, he has to be a snot slinging Lefty, so not sure if that is sarcasm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  5. I'll bet this one doesn't get a No Bail release.
  6. They know they can, in front of everyone, without consequence. Remember that. They already have done it, repeatedly.
  7. That picture terrifies Libs. Black, white, and weird all together and seeming to get along. Not shooting each other for sure.
  8. And did so to advance the Plandemic about a year ago it seems.
  9. Well gwalch, did you find her? Where was it hiding? Inquiring minds, don't ya know.
  10. This map is very interesting. The guy with "the most votes in history" just won in the blue areas. Lost Texas and Florida as they are a all or nothing, and won a few others for the same reason. Absolute strategic "win", don't you think? Of course LA county can carry more weight than 43 states, or is it 46, if you go by population.
  11. I'm laughing because BTDT. Ours was a Shark, never buy a Shark, Oh they are pretty good, but if you ever have a problem, expect to put it in the trash. We have some kind of Chinese of what ever, and it has been everything and then some the Shark promised, for half the price. Yep, First World Problems, but I don't have to vacuum any more.
  12. A dark cold winter was promised, it seems to be coming. They have tried pretty hard to make it happen here, they may have succeeded in Europe. Our political situation is dire, but theirs is off the charts right now.
  13. Got me. One is a stimulant, the other a pain med/depressant. Think morphine, but 1/10 of the dose. It seems to work better on more people than MS for pain management. Just doesn't take a lot to depress breathing, and that doesn't end well, for most. My experience with dealers in the past is they can make a pharmacist cry on the illicit drug area, but who knows. They aren't supposed to be dumb, but then we have run across meth and other things cut with Drain-O. That one went every other year for about 8 years and always between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Bad stuff.
  14. This really puzzles me. First, why kill off your clientele. Especially by putting fentanyl in with cocaine. Those drugs are polar opposites, and I can't for the life of me, figure out how one could enhance the other. I don't believe most of the hype coming from either side. Used the sluff for years in pain management at work, and not a single solitary problem. Not even a respiratory depression to the point support was needed or even noted. It is a strong drug that requires small doses, 10X more powerful than Morphine, and the wrong dose of morphine will depress respirations too. I don't believe most of the BS going around the internet about it.
  15. They are in fear of losing their cushy job in a couple of weeks. Probably most have never worked much more than fast food in their lives. Too little too late, I hope.
  16. 11 felony convictions, how is he even walking outside a wall? Just the time served alone should be more years than he has lived. Had he been some guy that just was making ends meet, they may have given him life for every round and the gun. Crime pays.
  17. Make sure to remember this a lot of other atrocities on Nov 8.
  18. I was rolling the first time I saw that. Love the guy.
  19. Not nearly enough of them, and the ones who paid them are walking Scott Free.
  20. I'm not Catholic, but this Pope is the biggest Dope so far. The past 4-5 in my lifetime seem further and further out of touch with reality and humanity. Pretty sad and shocking, but I never considered the Catholic Church any more than a political movement disguised as a Religious cult. I am friends with several Catholics of varying practice. Mostly good people, but the Church has betrayed them. History would prove my opinion, if not the point.
  21. Just put this on Book of Faces. Let's see how long either of us last.
  22. Sounds like she has a grasp on the situation. No room for that in the Communist Nooz Mafia. I admire her optimism on outcomes.
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