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  1. Why is that? Willing to put it all out on the table for the world to see? Willing to make a statement that might help others? Willing to use himself as an example? There is a lot more to these diseases than the movements, outbursts, and visible signs. Has to be a tough paper rout. I have seen plenty of Alzheimer's patients going from mild to dead over the years. It is hard on them, and worse on family and friends to watch. Fortunately, best we can tell, at some point the patients don't know what is happening to them, we hope. ALS isn't so kind, and Parkinson's isn't either.
  2. Yea, Satan used to work for God, so what's your point?
  3. Not definitive, but there has been time for the update by now, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_J._Fox
  4. Lots of reasons "Why", I just don't think there would be a better outcome. Harris will have the same handlers, be more outspoken, and is much more dangerous. Yes, there are an unimaginable number who support this administration. Let alone, it would have to be an event that has never happened. Removing both would be the event². Then who would Harris have appointed as VP? Quite the Pandora's Box, and the Libs know it. They weren't worried about accidently removing Trump, they had Pence jingling in their pocket. The whole thing was politicking anyway.
  5. I've always read and heard good things about Opinal knives. The round handle just seems like carrying a roll of nickels around though. It may be more ergonomic than I think, but I have a FS Trapper that I don't use because of the same feeling. No matter when or where in my life, or what I had access to or was even carrying for a purpose, there has always been a Stockman in my pocket. Had to upsize not too long ago from the small to the medium, and just that has made for some adjustments on my part. Much bigger in the pocket. Seems like you have it taken care of though. Enjoy the new knife.
  6. You are right, but that argument seems to have already been lost. How much more will it take? I hope we don't find the need to learn the answer.
  7. The games began over 7 years ago. If the houses flip, he'll run. If not, I don't see it. It could happen, but two more years of making up charges and manufacturing evidence will take a toll. I hope everyone remembers who swept civility and compassion right off their flat globe. Remember and act on it Tuesday. Give the next R president a Super Majority and remind all those elected that you are watching and have no intentions of "Forgiveness". The only reason for the empty talk at the moment, is they are seeing the light, and it is attached to a train and heading full steam at them. Let them steal another election and there will be no curtailing them.
  8. May be, may not be. It seems there was a premature passing not too long ago. It may have been Michael. I don't remember. I haven't seen it on any other feed either.
  9. Sadly, there are way too many that will say, "Yes".
  10. Nothing could shield you from a disaster better than a 60's/70's era grade school desk.
  11. We already passed that point. If not before with isolated? Incidents, the past 2+years should have opened any eye willing or capable of opening. The question is, when will someone step up and lead the way to doing something about it. It seem we can pretty well forget any .gov electee and certainly any agency. They have become weaponized against anything but the establishment.
  12. Fried bologna is food for the Gods. Nice and thick. I've been known to smoke a log of the stuff and eat with BBQ sauce. A treat in itself, and really makes a "cheap cold cut" a meal fit for special occasions. Burnt ends are meat candy. Biscuits and gravy is probably not the best for you (proper biscuits made with lard and fill fat buttermilk), but it is a legit breakfast or dinner meal. Anyone says different, stop talking to them. You don't need that sort of negativity in life.
  13. You're expecting rational thought and conversation with a Liberal. Liberal: My Body My Choice. Your body, my choice. Believe the way I do or you are a Nazi Fanciest who hates Christmas and Grogg or what ever they believe in this week..
  14. The best way to start. Some say our forefathers would have been shooting by now. I don't know about all that, they were pretty astute, but a line does have to be drawn. I fear it may actually come to that, realized or not.
  15. Posting this one will probably get me a trip to FB jail, but I just couldn't help myself.
  16. Been saying this for a while. Pretty strategic, huh?
  17. Yes, but for the most part, we get to do it on our time, not theirs. I have to call about a question today, and will get to it after lunch. For now I'm enjoying coffee and silence. Hope you are enjoying.
  18. Well, you're the closed thing to a doc here. Maybe an anti inflammatory med?
  19. No, it means June, July and August are the warmest months and people are seeking a cold snack and heading to the beach. Statistics are correct. How you label them is the subject of confusion. I'm not a DLS advocate. The funny thing is, even the ones that hate it would rather have the two inches on the bottom of the blanket instead of on the top. That is the hour in the evening instead of the morning for those who don't get the joke. Clocks are the irrelevant variable. A measuring device, like a ruler or measuring cup.
  20. It could be "So much worse" without the jab though. If population control was really the goal of all this, the vax may well have been a backup. With all the cloak and dagger crap, dancing around laws, and the irrational campaign, one shouldn't be surprised.
  21. But,,,,,,,,,Klinger got promoted.
  22. Man, I tried that. Was nearly there and told the mod to close may account. Didn't want my membership to make them a nickle. Crickets. Sent an admin the same rewuest, same results. They talk it up big, but ran and hid when called on it. Still won't close the account. Probably could go and make a scene, but not worth the effort, and that isn't much when the old Petty Officer gets cranked up.
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