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  1. You guys are much more enlightened that I am. Any feedback on this? https://www.facebook.com/reel/5782131345178511/?s=single_unit&__cft__[0]=AZV5F8jKPtaaN8gKyMbizAEGpnak9M139mg5Wi3fII4RhBNg16ABypmKlUMcJ62WNG37gyzlOX4s-3PuHV02NLhZBUQw9xJF241oYTpsEnRCVUWZ61WUtl-s3P2YNIxFVPB5bYBUZbzPMFI1XhjSpUWeJOKzeU1Ps5aulye6B0WMCyy5lOBcFVD1avEYCpwcFJQ&__tn__=H-R Well, take your pick. What a mess. Bidens bringing investigated on child trafficking.
  2. Not sure how legit, or not, the American Examiner News is, but since so many conspiracy theories have proven to be spot on, why not. Microchipping Meds
  3. Methinks The Donald already said he'd take a pass on the Twitter account in leu of hanging with his gettr or what ever it is. Who knows.
  4. I've seen this one a LOT. The stairs were yellow and the backdrop was the beautiful blue water of the Gulf of Mexico. Yes, they can play eye games. Yes, the water is blue, and breathtaking after you get away from the Mississippi River influence.
  5. Moderna was on the nooz a few weeks back whining about having to throw away 30 million doses because they couldn't sell them. They admitted that between them and Pfizer, they made 7 Billion doses a year. Neither had plans to cut back on production. Enough for every human on the planet--per year. Wonder why they are keeping that pace? Pepperidge Farm knows.
  6. Good point. There is legal, and then squeaky clean. You're right about the most investigated man on earth though.
  7. Not so sure Trump is squeaky clean on some things, but compared to the ones squealing like a mule under a gate, the guy is a saint. I don't believe he is guilty of espionage or treason for a skinny minute. The ones screaming? It wouldn't take a lot of convincing that every one of them were, if it took any convincing at all.
  8. As lenient as Eric is with Da Rulz here, you can't print that answer.
  9. Vaya con Dios, and thanks for the laughs. A storied life, for sure.
  10. LOL, you can believe her if you want to. She may be tired, but what a change of direction.
  11. Stepping down? Nancy would never release the Power Grip. The house is under GOP control, barely, and she will probably be bidding for Minority Whip. She can't help it.
  12. If that weren't so atrociously possible, it would be funny.
  13. Yea, there are those people. You know, Pay premium for local roasted, will not grind until ready to prepare, won't buy more than a weeks worth because it will go stale. Then take it home, grind it wrong, throw it in a drip maker or pour through, that they paid too much for, all with a paper filter. There went all your oils and flavor. Just buy a decent coffee, that fits your taste and put it in a French press, or better yet a pecolator. Leave the paper to wipe the jelly off your face.
  14. Well, of curse they did. Told you to brace for a new onslaught. It is already coming, and they are making things up to suit the agenda, again. Best thing to do is
  15. Even at that, a siren is a low speed warning device.
  16. Thanks Eric. I have an idea how they work, and as with most of it, I have a general/working knowledge. I just wonder, since it was brought up earlier, If it encrypts on the device. Since we can see "Jenny's Laptop" does it encrypt there, or after it hits the router at Starbucks and linking into its algorithm on it's way to Yemen, or where ever the remote server is that it picked for you today. I get confused since so many market for the router, and some for the sign in on the web. I think I asked this right.
  17. Not surprised, are you. I'm sure there is lots of other "old" money in the coffer. His dad was well acquainted too.
  18. Every time he lost, we won. I'm just amazed he made the showing he did. BETO, aka Robert Francis, raises a lot of left and east coast money. A lot of money.
  19. LOL, I know what they are, just don't like the idea of handing over my life to an app, that I can't get back if it decides to keep it. I've seen the movies, and none end well. Mostly here to learn more about VPN's but they seem to work the way I think they do, after linking to the internet, or at least no one has corrected that. Always willing to learn, whether I do anything with it or not.
  20. Who'd a thunk one would be fired for such/ I mean, really.
  21. Might be a reason for that. I don't know much about them, but don't trust things to a machine. Yes, I had to do it when working. Had to throw in a special character too. IT has the passwords too, or a master. I know that because the IT guy in Houston commented that it would take a few billion years to break my password, if ever, since I used a made up word in it.
  22. Hard to say, you may be in a good spot, but all of them aren't like the speed Verizon used to advertise, in LA, in a football stadium.
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