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  1. Had one of these for decades. Nice little easy fast unit.


    A year or two ago LostWife got this for me, and it is now my favorite little down and dirty sharpener.

    Worksharp EDC

    A lot of people will jump in and proclaim how horrible these are at ruining blades. Yes they can, and so can anything from a whetstone to a grinder. Not sure how they think a knife sharpening device actually works, but,,,,,,,,,

    Some people have no business ever touching a tool of any sort, but none have ever done much but sharpen kitchen knives and pocket knives. The proper angle is definitely needed, but one of these should fit almost any of them. Use light strokes, try to use them before the blade is dull, and use the ceramic as often as possible and try to touch things up with just that.

    We have some 20+ year old kitchen knives and these have been used on them since day one, and you would be hard pressed to figure out where any have been sharpened. LostWife was never handy in the kitchen, and bled on everything in the house for years after we began out relationship. She finally figured out what a cutting board was. LOL

    Happy shopping and Thanksgiving.

    1. Swampfox762


      Thank ya Sir!  Same to you on Thanksgiving!!

      Bein in  the trade of Linework...I like "Sharp" stuff.  I've carried a knife since...I was like...probably 10?  What I really liked about that little thing is the flip out rough sharpener.  I use to be a straight Stone guy, then I learned new stuff.

      Two things in my life I've been proud of.  People would bring me their Knives to sharpen, And...People would bring me their New Leather Ball Gloves to Break in...before the Game, day after tomorrow.  Still do that.  BTW, My wife is like Lost Wife...I give her her own knives...dull as butter knives.  She don't do nothin to need a SHARP knife anyway!!! :biggrin:  Have a good evening.


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