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  1. Tell her she is correct. It is a net, and they work very well.
  2. Odd how they could know that test would go back for two years, since we are basically at the two year mark. Or has time got away from me? Edit: Nope. Biden was installed in 2020. First jabs to healthcare workers in December 2020. Why do they hate HC workers? Anyway just rolling up on 2 years. Hard to believe the damage done in such a short time.
  3. We use these and I was going to add the septic is happy. Had the tanks pumped a couple summers ago after 17 years in the house and the septic guy told us not to teach people how to care for them, because he'd go out of business. Nice kid, reasonable pricing. Probably will never need him again here, but use his company for the in laws that don't do nearly as well with theirs.
  4. I've been calling the mindless morons a bunch of mindless morons lately, Surprised I'm still there, but the day isn't over yet.
  5. I'll reserve my initial thoughts on this, since so many might find them "insensitive".
  6. It's that "Common Core Math". When the numbers don't add up, just make it up.
  7. Yea, chicken seeds have been a hot commodity in my AO of late. Hit or miss on a lot of things.
  8. Democrat math. Eggs are near triple, that is 200% increase. Flour is over double, 100% increase. Butter is double, 100% increase. Gas is still near double what it was in 2020 around here, so ~100% increase. That "New" math really confuses me, and I hope none of the people are engineers, and I'm not driving over a bridge they designed.
  9. Trumps taxes? They will find a way. The ones I'd really like to see? Not happening. Missed out on the Senate. Even if Walker wins the runoff, it will still Dem controlled, for a couple of reasons. Harris is the tie breaker vote, and Dems stick together like the thieves they are. The RINOS will make sure things go the Liberal way. Impeach all you want, without a Senate conviction, it means nothing.
  10. It depends. Like pork, I think domesticated is a different animal, and I prefer the wild in both. Wild birds are much leaner, have small er breasts, legs, thighs. The legs and thighs are pretty unusable. You gat a few bites off them, but not a lot, to me. The breast is much more developed, not large these birds are still capable of flight, and I think has a different texture and flavor. Breast them out, slice and fried is the preferred method for wild turkey around these parts. A smoked breast is good as well. Get an exceptional one, and it could go in the roaster. They are a treat IMHO, and don't give me the indigestion the domestic ones do. Eastern Turkeys tend to run a little larger then the Rio Grand Turkeys we hunt, and capturing them and feeding them out would not be out of the question, in the day.
  11. Meh, they are going "Eyes Wide Woke", and feel empowered by it. Mental illness has a face, and it is the one of an ass.
  12. All ^This^ and no one to show it to. Just me and the LostWife for Thanksgiving. She is great and all, but since we see eye to eye on almost everything, there is no sport. Oh well, so much for having fun.
  13. The jab, remdesivir, and probably others have shown to be detrimental. Ever wonder why they don't advertise those "Treatments" and the "Vaccination" by name? As of now federal law requires disclosure, and skirting around the law is much less incriminating. If they find the need to circumvent advertising practices, then I really don't feel the need to partake. The ones they do disclose are usually more risk than I feel the need to take, but I don't have to deal with them, so there is that. Been treating virus' like flu and colds for years with Vitamin D, Zink, and a corticosteroid to boost things along and aid in reducing inflammation. Secondary infections were rare when we started in frugal time, but were dealt with on an individual basis, and as needed. Nothing new about it after all said and done, just the lack of, or insane treatment protocols. Doctors have forgotten how to be doctors in too many cases, or they are prohibited from doing so, and that is sad. I'm more convinced of this every day.
  14. Then there are $trillons. A trillion seconds is 31,688 YEARS. If you were alive that long ago, it would be about 24,000 years to the first recorded "civilizations", give or take a century or two. Let that sink in a bit.
  15. An E tool is a very formidable melee device, or so I have been told.
  16. Just about worst case scenario.
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