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  1. Not only did I knowingly eat a scorpion from a bottle of mescal my dad had when I was a kid, but I used to love these suckers that had scorpions in them as well:
  2. Would have been hilarious if you discovered the bugs in your food while watching the last part of Creepshow.
  3. What's wrong with a little added protein to your food?
  4. Apparently you have never met my teachers when I was in school.
  5. You're hanging around the wrong forums then.
  6. Now this is interesting! Biden actually speaking and being able to be understood!
  7. Poop in the shape of hearts or stars is more impressive.
  8. I like the stories John Waters tells about hanging with Divine when they were younger. I just like John Waters in general. He's one of those guys who just makes me laugh just by looking at him because I know it's gonna get even better when he starts talking.
  9. Yeah, but there's only one scene that anyone seems to care about.
  10. I'm for legalization of all drugs. That said, anytime you find yourself in a conversation with a Cliff Clavin type that thinks they know everything about everything and they talk about weed being such a dangerous thing, there's only one thing that needs to be said to drop the mic. Ask them what has killed more people, alcohol or weed? My other favorite is the myth that weed is a gateway drug. Um.....NO! The official gateway drugs that exist in ALL homes are alcohol, nicotine, and Rx drugs. It's been that way long before all of us came along. I don't have a problem with programs that detour children away from putting bad things in their bodies, but don't try and go for the shock value because it does not work with America's youth. Kids nowadays are far smarter and want the truth. They don't want some Reefer Madness bullshit that makes drug addiction look like a joke. They wanna see what it really looks like or what it really doesn't look like.
  11. I see my man George Carlin was brought up!
  12. I didn't even know such low capacity drum mags existed.
  13. I didn't. 2 felonies on my juvenile record back when I was 12 that earned me 6 months in kiddie jail. I'm almost 33 now and haven't been property of the state ever since (not counting house arrest, probation, diversion programs, community service, etc.). Not everyone who does time is a career criminal.
  14. How's this for playing with words?
  15. If someone is released from prison after serving their time and the state deems them to be sane enough to be released, then ALL their rights should be restored.
  16. Oh yeah, it's not an elevator, it's a lift.
  17. Oh, Amber Heard proved to everyone watching the trial that it's quite possible to lie up.
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