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  1. I have a huge old burr type coffee grinder that stands over five feet tall, two huge flywheels. It ground coffee in a grocery store for decades and the burrs are still sharp. I run it with a steam engine.
  2. Fog

    Random Posting

    Good chance that door will flex enough to slip those keys to the bottom corner and then pull them out.
  3. Truth be told, a lot of TV's today are still steam powered. Other than hydro, and microscopic percentage of wind and solar. But honestly wind and solar are basically coal fired steam energy sources because if it wasn't for china using those power plants to make the products we wouldn't have the token light warmers.
  4. Jay Leno got burned working on a car. I wish him a speedy recovery. https://news.yahoo.com/jay-leno-us-comedian-recovering-213501101.html
  5. Fog

    WTF vehicles

    Well, the pink one sure ain't one I'd want. Same for the Formula One car. The trucks on the other hand, well, I need one, not sure what for, but I need to scratch that off the bucket list.
  6. Fog

    WTF vehicles

    Years ago Formula One banned cars with two sets of steering wheels. The way I heard it the people in charge deemed it an unfair advantage after one raced and it cornered so much better than the other cars. It would also add almost double the braking power for a very slight increase in weight. I don't know how practical it really is. Army has some big trucks with three steering axles. At the 42 second mark it shows the three axles steering.
  7. https://thenationalpulse.com/2022/11/12/ellis-the-murdochs-think-they-get-to-pick-the-next-president/ All the rah rah for DeSantis is by design, not organic, the build-up over the last couple of years is planted promotion. Not saying he's a bad guy, but he's being used, either knowingly or unknowingly, both of which make me distrust him. Totally possible he just wants to stay out of it for now, run Florida well, and may president down the road. I could get behind that. But the fact that Trump's attacking means Ron is at least being pressured to run and Trump knows it. He's telling the elites that he won't back down.
  8. Yeah, the people trying to get you to like Ronald are the same people who stabbed Donald in the back. It isn't about the men in particular, it's about wether power comes up from the people or down from the elites. Our founding fathers wanted the power to come from the people. Trump got that and was elected by it and the elites of both parties have been after him ever since. Eff the lot of them. We will have Trump and we'll destroy anyone who tries to stop it.
  9. Killed the kids or the grandparents?
  10. That reminds me. I know the owner of a sandblasting company. He told me about a customer that was getting a bunch of stainless steel blasted for a specific finish and the customer provided several pallets of new clean garnet media for the job. They blasted the parts and a week later the customer showed up to pick up the parts and wanted his garnet back too. He insisted it could be used "several times". The garnet media was in the pile out back, mixed with all the other types of blasting media they used. Customer then wanted the job for free because they "stole" his garnets. My friend got sued. He won and the guy had to pay for the blasting and fees. It boiled down to he never said anything about wanting the garnet back and it wasn't on the written quote for the work.
  11. Eric is right. Shop owns the waste and customers almost never want it back, those that do really don't have much experience with getting parts milled. Most of the alloys that places will pay top dollar for have to be clean, meaning you can't have any chips from any other material in the bin, and they will check. For a one off part it simply isn't worth cleaning out the machine to the level needed to keep the chips from being contaminated. It can take all day to properly clean a modern CNC mill with a chip handling system. If you are getting a whole run of parts done it can be worth it and then you get that written into the quote. From what I've seen your parts run is going to need to take about three days worth of machine time before it is really worth paying to have the chips collected clean and seperate. Then you have to provide the bins that fit into their machine, and arrange to have them picked up and hauled to wherever they are going. Less than about $4000 in scrap and it simply isn't worth it. Machine shops often factor keeping the scrap into the part quote, but that usually is only a factor if it's a larger order. I've heard "You guys can mill this for the scrap." Meaning they thought the scrap would pay for the job. LOL All this varies, even with all the alloys I've seen over the years I'm still surprised by some of the new stuff out there and the applications for it.
  12. No hate for DeSantis at all, but if he allows himself to be used as a tool to try to stop Trump than he's just a tool of the RINO's and I won't reward their style of play or the game any longer. Same as I didn't vote for the republican governor in my state. He shut down the state, sent his jackbooted goons after people who dared to defy his illegal orders. Then the RINO's ran a false conservative to split the primary vote and lawfare to target his primary opponents. I'd rather have a democrat than a back stabbing RINO. I won't take the McConnell slow death plan.
  13. Locked up in a gulag in DC for far less than egg throwing.
  14. How does one miss the queen of whales?
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