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  1. Funny how that works out, huh? When miscreants know there will be consequences for what they do, they're less inclined to do it. Who'd a thunk?!? -Pat
  2. I'd still like to get a Bridgeport. -Pat
  3. Looks like an old South Bend 9". Sweet! I have its relative (a 10K) in my garage. Handy little thing. -Pat
  4. Damn! That's like the opposite of a cow catcher. I don't think the 'catcher' part was meant to be taken literally! -Pat
  5. Congrats, DD. You've certainly worked hard over the years - nice to see that hard work being rewarded, and good things happening to someone who truly deserves them. Here's wishing you success in your new gig - you'll no doubt do well. -Pat
  6. Wow, that's a big nut! Ouch. I hope it remains unbroken for the foreseeable future! Glad to hear that it's back up and operational again. -Pat
  7. I miss having access to the vapor degreaser we had there (back before saying freon would get you sent to the gulag) - that thing was sweet for cleaning stuff. Also wish I'd pilfered a gallon or ten of trichlor- used to go through buckets of it decreasing vacuum system innards. -Pat
  8. That's pretty damned awesome - all around! Sounds like you raised some amazing kids! Well done. -Pat
  9. Gotta love the stuff that goes into making semiconductors. Arsine, phosphine, boron trichloride, phosphorus oxychloride, and everyone's favorite pyrophoric gas, 100% silane! Along with sulfuric, hydrofluoric, aqua regia... What a fun industry! (Truth be told, I very much enjoyed the six years I worked at National Semi, and likely would have stayed longer if they hadn't closed the plant in 1990. Learned a LOT working there, and it's served me well since.) -Pat
  10. My rationalization for multiples was I'd lose the <pick one - 1/2", 9/16" 10mm, 14mm, whatever>, then go to Sears* to buy a replacement. And find I could get the replacement for $6.50. Or the ten piece set, that had the replacement I needed along with 9 other sizes to give me spares of those, on sale for $11.99. Less than 2x the price for nine additional sockets. So of course I'd buy the set. (And promptly start losing those, too.). Later, rinse, repeat and there wind up being a lot of duplicates, but never the size you need. -Pat * back in the day when Craftsman tools were good and made here in the US rather than offshored to places of lesser quality in persuit of profit at the expense of a hard built brand name.
  11. Well, from the look of the pictures, she was a very pretty girl. Now? The foundation is still there, but it's overwhelmed and drowned out by the paint job. Her body, her life, her future, but it screams 'I have major issues and those issues have issues of their own - stay far away' to me. -Pat
  12. My frind's friend's cat Trogdor does that, too. And if he likes you, he will literally climb up you as you stand there in order to get in on your shoulder. -Pat Holy pathetic proofreading, Batman!!
  13. I collect and have a house full of old electronic test gear from the heydays of Hewlett-Packard, Tektronix and Fluke. Oh, and I prefer the term 'geek' -Pat
  14. Wow. Sometimes stupid REALLY hurts! Ouch! Don't play in the street, kids! The truck will win. -Pat
  15. I hope you're not holding your breath while waiting... It never ceases to amaze me how nonchalantly politicians piss away taxpayer money on things that anyone with two functional brain cells to knock together can see from miles away will do nothing other than go down in flames. Those places will look like the Tasmanian Devil has been whirling through them in a matter of months (if it even takes that long). Crack house in 3... 2... 1.. -Pat
  16. The CT-100. 15" diagonal screen, 36 tubes, and it cost the equivalent of north of $7k in today's dollars. Imagine bringing a 65"diagonal, 2" thick set back in time. They'd lose their minds. -Pat
  17. I thought if you just cooperated with them they wouldn't hurt you. /s -Pat
  18. I had little toy mice that looked very realistic and made squeaking sounds when batted around. They would invariably decide to start playing with them at three in the morning. If memory serves, they had come in a three pack, and lasted much longer than I thought they would, but one by one Pixel drowned them in the water dish. I recovered them a time or two and was able to dry and get them working again, but eventually the electronics succumbed to the abuse. Lately they've been 'playing' with the real ones that are coming in from the cold. -Pat
  19. I had a Cox one in the late 70s that was a low-wing sport-type plane made from purple plastic. I had great fun flying it until the day a wind gust got under it on the upwind part of the circle and lofted it up and towards me, slackening the lines. I remember running like hell trying to get tension back in the lines, but it was too late and it went into the ground (paved parking lot) in a screaming power dive from about twenty feet in the air, pretty much exploding into plastic schrapnel on impact. I was bummed, as I had been keeping it in pristine condition and had spent several hours very carefully polishing it the night before. Shame there are so few examples of the JU-87 left. I think it's a pretty cool looking plane that had the misfortune to be used by some truly evil people. -Pat edit - found a pic online.
  20. She really needs to learn to blend it better. It was distracting trying to pay attention to her rambling while watching what appeared to be two sets of eyebrows semaphoring about madly. -Pat
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