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  1. Bingo. They don't get to choose my candidate. The more they try, the more fear they display, and the more support he gains. And short of another impeachment combined with finally being found guilty by the Senate, there is no legal way they can stop him from running. They shot their wads. Does the FBI still employ Lon Horiuchi?
  2. She's a "travelling registered nurse" with a history of "documented profound mental health issues." Would you trust her with your health and medication? Is this Obamacare?
  3. I wonder how many users here didn't come from GT.
  4. Nope, you have too many vowels in your name. DeSantis only has 3, so I'll prefer him as VP.
  5. Trump OWNS the GOP primaries and the party No one else comes close to this. He'll own the new GOP congress if nearly all of them won because of his endorsement. Anti-Trumper Rinos will be all but extinct.
  6. Hogwash. Trump is more electable than ever before. The entire world sees how desperate and dishonest the deep state is, and will never trust them. The whole world sees how the demonrats have destroyed not only the American economy, but also their interconnected international economies. After seven years of FBI investigations they can't get anything real against Trump, and everyone sees this. America is weaker than ever before, and it's obvious to anyone that everything was much better under Trump. He will win the GOP nomination without a fight, much to the chagrin of his enemies who can't even find a rino to run against him. Who would the fools prop up as an alternative nominee? Romney? Cheney? Pence? Don't make me laugh. Trump will absolutely be the GOP nominee in 2024, I guarantee it without reservation. Absolute metaphysical certitude. And he will win his election by such an overwhelming victory that even massive cheating won't be able to stop him, and us. The only question is whether he will try to govern with a kinder, gentler example to heal this nation, or fight back for revenge with a purge. I know which I would prefer. No more Mr Nice Guy, take off the gloves, give them a huge taste of their own medicine, don't hold back.
  7. Ten most colorful skin rashes Ten worst songs used as elevator music Ten worst smells you ever smelled Ten reasons your neighbors hate you Ten insults that sound like compliments Ten foods you wouldn't eat Ten excuses to postpone yard work Ten reasons to pee in the shower Ten spices you bought but never used Ten guns you need to complete your collection forever
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