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  1. This. They never centered the rudder after getting her into her slip in 1948. So the rudder is stuck at about 14 degrees and there is no need to fix it.
  2. This is the best place to keep up with her. (the foundation has started anothe page, but for now, this is it) https://www.facebook.com/groups/450347275643485
  3. As for the structual damage, no, that was not a concern for this trip. A number of years ago, the State of Texas gave the money to move the Texas to a drydock. The engineering report stated that she was about to fall apart. All that money went to make her structurally sound. Fast forward a number of years and the State of Texas gave 35 million more to do this (get her to drydock) The Coast Guard, Port of Houston and all the stakeholders would have NEVER let her into the Houston Ship Channel if she was not "beyond a doubt" capable of the journey. The Coast Guard did close the Ship Channel to ALL traffic while she was removed from her slip and then established a 1000 foot exclusion zone. The Coast Guard led, had birds in the air and the Port Police and DPS also helped enforce the exclusion zone. In drydock, she will pretty much only have hull work done. She will then return to a new home (that is still a secret) The State of Texas gave this last round of funding with the catch "We aint giving anymore, and to prove it, we are turning over the ship to the Battleship Texas Foundation...it is not the States problem anymore" Which means she MUST go to a better location in order to attract more visitors. As for the actual journey itself. Her pumps run at around 2000 gpm in her slip. There was no significant change in the pump rate during the transit. She did have impressive additional pumps installed for the transit. She came out of her slip without a problem and was ahead of schedule. I was behind tug #3. (of 4, but 2 were changed out mid transit) Her rudder is stuck about 13 degrees to starboard. This does make the rear tugs work a bit harder, but is far from a difficult task.
  4. It was an amazing day. I sailed with a Dreadnought! The day also went of without a hitch. At various points along the 35 miles trip, we could hear the saluting cannons that folks were setting off.
  5. Those both look awesome!
  6. Yep. That stuff is going rather well.
  7. Someone smuggled in a phone in their prison wallet............
  8. I was about to text Eric (but it is 2 in the morning) and I got to thinking about yall. I hope all is well. I am not gone for an specific reason. (hell, yall may be happy I am) I have been pulled in a lot of direction the last few years and one day off the forum turns into a week, that turns into a month..... All is beyond spectacular. So what is up!!!!
  9. Hey, I grew up in that part of the world.....I think I know that cow!
  10. What is up people? My life has been a wild ride for a while now. The good news is all is better than amazing. What is up people? Say "hi" or "yo" or "eat ****" or whatever
  11. Not me. I aint mowing nothing.
  12. Saw a bunch of jack rabbits today. They are fun to watch. The sorghum is getting high and the critters move around more with all that cover.
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