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  1. Hey, I grew up in that part of the world.....I think I know that cow!
  2. What is up people? My life has been a wild ride for a while now. The good news is all is better than amazing. What is up people? Say "hi" or "yo" or "eat ****" or whatever
  3. Not me. I aint mowing nothing.
  4. Saw a bunch of jack rabbits today. They are fun to watch. The sorghum is getting high and the critters move around more with all that cover.
  5. Ha! How are you old friend. We need to have lunch again next time I am in your part of the world. Rabbi Cat is fantastic. Rabbi Dog is getting really old. I am worried.
  6. Eric sent up the Rabbi signal. (he texted me earlier about this thread, he and I are real life friends and I am grateful for that) I am fine, hell, I am better than fine. For those that know me, yall will understand. For those that dont, my life is kind of hard of hard to describe in terms of weirdness. I really dont have a good reason why I dont post, at least a little. I just have not. I'm good. I hope yall are all fantastic as well.
  7. I daily a new, stock, full size truck or a 1000 + hp tuner car. On the Tuner car, the tack is critical. I agree, it is pretty meaningless on modern, non performance vehicles.
  8. Thank you folks. Tropical Storm Beta got in the way of my plans, but all ended up well anyways.
  9. Bill has some of the best stories ever! I loved "Slicky boy" among so many others. One of the most knoweledgable and gifted car guys on the planet!
  10. Oh, I like this thread. I am happy that Eric is thinking about knives....
  11. San Antonio has (had?) a reputation as a rough city. I dont think the statistics bear that out. Then, or now. Having said that, San Antonio damned well has bad areas. I am a street cop, I know a thing or two about crime and bad areas. As an opinion and being well traveled, places around Cleveland or Detroit or parts of a lot of other cities are far worse than the worst parts of San Antonio. Kind of like Boston, in San Antonio, I will go to the worst parts of town, in the day, to do business or eat. (stopping at night is another story...) Even in broad daylight, I would not stop in East Cleveland if I was on fire and I saw a watermain spewing forth.
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