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  1. Perry Mason. We would go to my Aunt's house - and if Perry Mason was on - the Mothers, Aunts, etc HAD TO WATCH IT. If any of us kids made any sound during Perry Mason - we would be grease spots on the carpet.
  2. Well.... 'Windows security department' hasn't called me in a long time. If I had the time, I would keep trying to get them off their script until they hung up on me. A bigger win was to have them swear at me then hang up. The best was one guy I had on the phone about an hour and a half - and I got tired of the game. I told him that I had just retired from 30 + years in IT - some of it security and I wasn't letting him anywhere close to anything 'sensitive' on my machine. He swore at me and hung up! Then he called back, swore at me some more and hung up. Four times! If I didn't have the time or inclination to mess with the scammer - I would just ask: 'Did your mother keep the dog that fathered you?' I figured that by wasting their time, I might prevent someone from getting called who would fall for the scam.... Almost all the potential scam calls are robots, now, so there isn't much fun anymore.
  3. misterfox


    From what I understand is that the A1C test samples red blood cells that pick up glucose. Because the RBCs have about a 3 month life span before being eliminated in the liver, the A1C is a pretty good reading for average sugar level. I imagine there's more to it, but that's what I've learned. https://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/managing/managing-blood-sugar/a1c.html
  4. It's interesting how cats become part of our soul... And when they leave us they take some of us with them. But while they have shared themselves with us they have grown our souls and hearts.... Their passing causes us a special pain, but their lives have brought us special happiness and fulfillment.
  5. There are losses that are beyond pain... beyond words. We're lucky to get through them. And often, getting through these losses is not 'graceful'.
  6. A face only a mother could love...
  7. Wipe the old server with a towel....
  8. Appreciating that after 20+ years, my wife still loves me. What is wrong with her?
  9. THANK YOU! I've found them interesting, and informative. Best wishes in your future project!
  10. I'm retired, and my wife has worked from home since mid March. They have been very busy - 3 to 5 times Christmas volume all year. So financially, we're good. When the lockdown/limited hours, etc hit - I realized that boredom would be a problem. We have a really nice dinner at least once a week. And MANY movies. During the summer, our MGB was our main entertainment. Nice evenings, top down, my wife, and fun roads. A lot of driving to go 'nowhere'. ? My daughter has been at school in France - that is a bunch of different adventures, right there, but she's doing well and that's what is important We know a few folks who caught the 'rona... and recovered. But they don't recommend getting it. One friend is still dealing with it 6 months later.... Being away from folks has been a bummer. All car club events cancelled has been a bummer.... We had our first ever Thanksgiving NOT surrounded by a bunch of family and friends. We had a nice (but a bit weird) Thanksgiving on our own. First time in almost 100 years my extended family is not having our Christmas eve party. Lots of old folks. So, for me, 2020 is kind of neutral. We've enjoyed as much of our time as possible, but it has distanced a lot of friendships.
  11. Gunboat.... Keep these stories coming. I have greater respect for the shared experiences and shared sacrifices of our military men and women. THANKS!
  12. This year - Thanksgiving is me and my wife. We'll eat well and have a pleasant day together.... My 86 year old MIL isn't having anyone in her house. Period. She usually had Thanksgiving with 10 to 14 relatives and friends. I'm going to miss the big Thanksgiving meal, but you have to make the best you can from what life hands you. You all be well, and have a good Thanksgiving.
  13. Daylight savings ends this weekend.
  14. Fingers crossed. I hope they make it through this as well as possible.
  15. Sometime around 1978, I heard on late night radio an interview with a guy who wrote a book about this incident. Heroism of the firemen pulling hoses up many stories of stairs... And that the Empire State building has an internal firefighting system with several 5,000 gallon (IIRC) water tanks on different levels. I don't remember much more than that... it was about 3am and I was coming home from work....
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