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  1. The theater doesn't even call it butter, anymore. It's "flavoring". Last time when they asked how much, and I told them a lot, they asked if I wanted it "layered". I don't even know what that is, but, yes! That's where they put some popcorn in the bucket, squirt the juice on, put more popcorn, squirt squirt, more popcorn, squirt squirt.... And it needs a lot of salt, too.
  2. Always had a penny for The Guy. (England)
  3. In PA, we are having a really, really bad stinkbug year. One of the worst. And now seems to be the beginning of their peak swarm-season. So... because I left the rental-van's windows open over the weekend, at least 7.2 million stinkbugs moved in. Now, in Toledo, every time I open a door, thousands of bugs fly out! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I hope they turn you into their new epicenter of bugly infestations!
  4. It's ALL bait. It just depends on what you're trying to catch.
  5. That which does not kill me, makes me stronger!
  6. You just know that he's going to end up in a wig and lipstick and dressed up like Huma.
  7. Every local online newspaper and news channel in Pittsburgh had page, after page, after page of comments that just basically said, "Goodbye Steelers."
  8. Couldn't they have just given them a stiff shove, and let gravity take care of the rest? Would've saved everyone a lot of time and money.
  9. Our old fatcat is pretty old these days and he always moves slowly. He often can't jump up on the couch or over a railroad tie. But, the next day there will be a dead rabbit on our doormat. So, I know he's a faker.
  10. So.... I've never been to a NFL game. And I don't own a single piece of NFL merchandise to burn. But, I noticed the magnet-schedule that was stuck on our beer fridge, that the pizza guy gave us several weeks ago, and I dropped it in the trash. TAKE THAT NFL!!!! That'll show 'em!
  11. A large part of the reason that Boris Karloff got the role in Frankenstein, over Bella Lugosi, was because he could take his teeth out and it would make his face all sunken-in. (I learned that on Svengoolie last night.)
  12. As of right now, today, done with the Stillers. For good. (I gave up on the rest of the nfl a couple years ago.)
  13. I'm surprised that the overt references to God, in the song, didn't have everyone immediately falling down into epileptic fits.
  14. The Brady Bunch filmed many scenes in the kid's shared bathroom, but they never showed the toilet. All in the Family had the first toilet flush sound on TV.
  15. The third episode of Leave it to Beaver was supposed to be the pilot, but they happened to film a toilet. It took three weeks to get it passed the censors.
  16. I've still got his pebble.
  17. He's claimed that with his boarding, military, and catholic schooling, he really does know how to fight. I would really like to see some old shithead politician get too much in his face, and see him take it personally.
  18. Huaco Kid


    Every person that has ever picked it up threw their first lick or strum at it and paused and said, "Wow. I wasn't expecting that!"
  19. "My wife and I were happy for twenty years! Then we met."
  20. Or, maybe, who knows, the 'Nucks might end up sympathizing with the protesters. (Our coach told us, in no uncertain terms, that we would stand respectfully and attentively (no stretching, no bouncing, no blowing snot-rockets...) during the national anthem AND during the other team's anthem.)
  21. Huaco Kid


    I got a Yamaha 3/4 acoustic for camping and banging around. Even people who really know guitars are astounded by the "boom" and volume and quality of music it puts out.
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